Best Practice Guidelines for Professional Animal Reiki Practitioners


A 1-hour audio course with Kathleen

Many people think animal Reiki practice is only about connecting with animals. The truth is, this is only half of the equation. Because animals are so connected to their caregivers, it’s important to find ways to include them in Reiki sessions too! Find out the most successful and professional ways to build Reiki connections with both animals and their people in this special audio course!


This class will highlight the most important things every Animal Reiki Practitioner must remember in order to have a successful connection with the animals. We’ll also explore easy ways we can get human caregivers involved in the animal Reiki session. We’ll not only talk about ways to practice Reiki within our own circle of humans and animals, we’ll also explore the best practices professional practitioners should use when visiting homes and barns.

You’ll learn a special meditation to support the human/animal Reiki connection too!

Whether you are a Reiki practitioner looking to deepen healing relationships within your human/animal family, or a professional Reiki person looking to incorporate animals and their people ethically into your practice, this course is for you!

Students will also receive a special and informative e-book to support their practice: “Including Human Caregivers in the Animal Reiki Treatment.”

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