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Animal Reiki Books

Read about the Let Animals Lead® Method of Animal Reiki

If you are the type of person who loves to curl up with a good book AND you also want to make the world a much better place for animals, these books are the perfect way to do both!

Kathleen Prasad has written many books about Animal Reiki, energy connection with animals, and heartfelt anecdotal stories about the effect of Animal Reiki on all sorts of animals around the world. 

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Animal Reiki Books
by Kathleen Prasad

Click on any book below to learn more about it and read the reviews!

cover of the 21 day meditation journal by kathleen prasad

LAL® Meditation Journal

heart to heart with horses book cover with a horse rearing on the front

Heart to Heart 

with Horses

5 powerful meditation to help heal animals book cover with a basset hound laying on a beach

Meditations to Help Your Animals

Vets on Animal Reiki book cover with a female veterinarian resting a hand on a golden retriever puppy

Vets on Animal Reiki

animal reiki tails volume 3 with an old dog resting its head on a womans hand

Animal Reiki Tails Volume 3

21 day meditation challenge book cover by kathleen prasad

LAL® 21-Day Meditation Challenge

how to help animals with reiki book cover with kathleen prasad meditating with a hand on a sharpee resting beside her

How to Help Animals with Reiki

animal reiki handbook cover by kathleen prasad with hands placed on a cat

Animal Reiki Handbook: SARA

Tails from the source animal reiki book vol 1 cover

Animal Reiki Tails

Volume 1

Animal Reiki Guide with a woman offering reiki to a dog on the front

Animal Reiki

reiki for dogs book with kathleen prasad offering reiki to a dog on the front cover

Reiki for Dogs

healing virtues animal reiki code of ethics book cover

Healing Virtues

everything animal reiki book cover of a beach and ocean

Everything Animal Reiki

animal reiki tails volume 2 book cover with animals on the front

Animal Reiki Tails

Volume 2

Praise for Kathleen Prasad's Animal Reiki Books!

Let Animals Lead Meditation Journal

Praise for Vets on Animal Reiki

“Worth the read if you are a vet, vet tech or work with vets or have a vet. Animal Reiki applied told by those who are doing it. I bought 9 copies and have given away almost all of them to my vets and a rehab vet….all who are now incorporating Reiki into their practices.”

Amazon Review

Praise for 21-Day Meditation Challenge

"Imagine walking through your day with each of the 21-day meditation animals by your side. You will be supported by the Reiki Precepts as you deepen your practice. Your friends will notice your sparkle and that you have something extra positive going on in your life."

Wendee W.

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