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kathleen prasad stands smiling with her paint horse kodiak looking over her shoulder


I'm Kathleen Prasad

I'm the owner of Animal Reiki Source, President and Co-Founder of Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) and the creator of the Let Animals Lead® Method of Animal Reiki. I started sharing Reiki with animals 25 years ago and, back then, nobody was doing it! So, I consider myself one of the pioneers of Animal Reiki and for 25 years I've been—literally—LIVING Reiki and offering it to animals all over the world!

Through a lot of trial and error, I've developed a tried and true method of "being" Reiki with animals—from domestic to wild—that allows them to energetically step into a calm, peaceful, open-hearted space where their bodies and minds can relax enough for healing magic to happen. 

And, since I found that sweet spot—the way to create a space that animals can step into to heal themselves—I've been teaching others all over the world to do it, too! And I'm so proud of how much help my students and I have given to animals worldwide in the last 25 years!

My role in this world is to help you:

  • open your heart to animals, offering unconditional support!

  • support the self-healing process through peaceful, compassionate presence!

  • advocate for animal empowerment!

  • be a voice of kindness for animals in the world!

favorite things

These Are a Few of My

My Dog Vinny

My horse Kodiak

My Let Animals Lead® Online Community!

a group of women face away and wrap their arms around each other in community spirit
kathleen prasad snuggles into her horse kodiak and they share a hug
founder of animal reiki kathleen prasad shares a cute snuggle moment with her short haired collie vinny

A little more about me!

a blonde middle aged white woman wearing a let animals lead sweatshirt sits beside her short haired collie and smiles

I've taught thousands of people my Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki and 70% of them are now out in the world, helping animals every day! What our Let Animals Lead® community does for animals is impactful and it feels incredible to learn how you, too, can make a difference for animals!

I've been right where you are...trying so hard to mindfully connect with animals in a way that can help them, heal them, and heal others!

I learned Reiki to learn how to work around crippling, lifelong anxiety, and my Animal Reiki method brings profound changes in the way people interact with the world. It's not just for the animals, it's for you too!

My Animal Reiki method–Let Animals Lead®—is different from every other method in the world and I have thousands of testimonials from LAL® practitioners, rescue workers, wildlife rehabbers, shelter workers and pet owners that prove it's incredibly effective on all animals, not just pets. 

Prior to Kathleen’s class, I had attempted energy healing with cats at my local shelter with poor results. My traditional approach frightened the cats. Through Kathleen’s teachings, I transformed my mindset and approach to Reiki practice with animals leading to a calmer, more peaceful process and end result. Kathleen is an outstanding instructor who combines multiple methods of teaching and amazing stories that helped me to more fully integrate this knowledge and practice.

a young girl with dark curls and dark eyebrows snuggles into a kitten and kisses the top of its head

jill johnson

My family

This is me with my daughter and husband in Venice, and although we live in California, one of our favorite things to do is travel the world. We love meeting like-minded animal lovers and visiting shelters and sanctuaries wherever we go! And of course, searching out the best vegan food.

Kathleen prasad and family.jpeg

let's work together

to help animals!

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