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a mindful approach that helps you as much as your animals

Animal Reiki Mentorship

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If you're an introvert or not into group classes;

if you've taken all our LAL® group classes and you're ready for something even deeper; 

or if you want exclusive access to Kathleen Prasad's life-changing Animal Reiki experiences and knowledge, 

then this Animal Reiki Mentorship is going to be great for you!

Here's what a mentorship with Kathleen will do for you!

a blonde middle aged white woman sits facing her short haired collie and laughing in a forest
  • teach you all the different ways Kathleen has learned to connect energetically with wild & domestic animals

  • build lasting bonds of trust with animals that allows them to energetically and/or physically step into a safe, healing space with you.

  • help you to become more mindful in all areas of your life, better able to master your own energy, more compassionate in situations that are challenging, more energetically flexible in all situations

  • teach you tools of resiliency that you can apply to both your work or connections with animals AND connections with people

  • teach you how to read energy—in both animals AND people—and work healing magic within those vibrations.

  • ramp up your confidence for dealing with all aspects of your Animal Reiki practice and energy work, AND the people and community side of that work.

This is how a Let Animals Lead® Mentorship will help you!

  • You’ll receive Kathleen's expert guidance, advice and training, as well as meditation and Reiju support, all on a one-to-one basis!

  • You'll work with Kathleen to determine your personal life purpose and put together a plan and goal for your mentorship based on that purpose!

  • You'll also work with Kathleen to put together a step-by-step map of actions for you to take during your mentorship—be it to learn ways to sink more deeply into your meditation practice or to help you reach your Animal Reiki goals or to build connections in the animal energy community, etc.

  • We’ll make sure the program is aligned with your individual interests and inspiration to help you manifest your compassionate purpose for animals more fully in your life!

an AI image of a blonde woman with a braid over one shoulder wearing a let animals lead shirt and meditating with animals
kathleen prasad hugs her horse and smiles up at him while she talks about her year long animal reiki mentorship program
  • you'll learn MANY practical ways to create agency for animals (give them a choice to participate in connecting with humans) and you'll be able to put those into practice AND educate others (if you choose to) on how to implement animal agency into their work with animals!

  • you'll get advice on tried and true methods for reaching out to animal organizations in your community to build connections. And you'll discover that the more connections you build, the more you help animals in your area!

  • when you work on deepening your energetic connections with animals through Let Animals Lead® trust techniques, you will be able to connect with more animals and from further away as time goes by. This means you'll be able to help animals as far away as the other side of the world. Our LAL® Community witnesses the magic and power of this in action every day! 🤩

Here's how your Mentorship will help animals:

Leah, one of Kathleen's long-time mentorship students, talks about how her mentorship with Kathleen was life-changing.

3 Month Animal Reiki Mentorship Graphic with cat sleeping on a woman's lap

3-Month Mentorship

Mentorship Only

3-Month Animal Reiki Mentorship (Online Only):

  • 3-months (6 1-hour sessions)

  • This mentorship opportunity does not include LAL® certification and is focused on advising and supporting each student’s personal interests, goals and inspiration. 

  • Meet twice a month for 1-hour each time

  • Homework includes: actions to help attain goals, daily Animal Reiki meditations and journaling

  • Bonus: Free Core Curriculum course


6-month Mentorship

Mentorship and 1 Certification

Optional: Choice of Level 1, 2 or 3 Online Certification in LAL 1-on-1

Optional: on-site field trip with Kathleen in Marin/Sonoma area


  • 6-months (12 1-hour sessions)

  • Meet twice a month for 1-hour each time

  • Homework includes: actions towards goals, daily AR meditations and journaling



  • Choice of 1 of my on-demand courses

  •  1-hour follow up session 2 months after mentorship ends

  •  Free Resit of any Level 1 or 2 online course (your choice) within 1 year of finishing program

6 Month Mentorship Graphic for kathleen prasad animal reiki

1-Year Mentorship

1 Year animal reiki Mentorship Graphic showing smiling blonde kathleen prasad founder of animal reiki

Mentorship & 2 Certifications

  • Option 1: Your choice of 2 levels of Online LAL® Certification (1-on-1 with Kathleen)

  • Option 2: on-site field trips with Kathleen in Marin/Sonoma area of California

  • 12 months (24 1-hour sessions)

  • Meet twice a month for 1-hour each time

  • Homework includes: actions to help attain goals, daily Animal Reiki meditations and journaling

  • Bonus:

    • Choice of any 2 of my on-demand courses

    • Free Core Curriculum course within 1 year of finishing program

    • Free Resit of any Level 1, 2 or 3 online co


Frequently Asked Questions

about our Animal Reiki Mentorship

How does a Mentorship in the Let Animals Lead® Method of Animal Reiki with Kathleen Prasad work?

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