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Distant Animal Reiki Session

Distant Animal Reiki Session


Give your animals, your family and/or yourself the gift of a 30-minute distant Reiki healing session. Distance sessions promote relaxation, peace and well-being: the ideal conditions to support a strong self-healing process. During your special 30-minute session, Kathleen will dedicate a meditation to your animal, you, and/or your family. When one animal is sick, the rest of the family (2 and 4-legged) is often stressed, and this is why Kathleen likes to include all of you in the session, too. NOTE:  Please contact Kathleen after purchasing to schedule your session. $55 for each 30 minute sessions. Select quantity and add to cart.


PLEASE NOTE: These are distant Animal Reiki sessions are not in-person or video call sessions. Kathleen does them from her own home and only requires that your animal is given a quiet space to rest and relax during the session. Once you book, she’ll be in touch to set up a time that works and let you know what she needs.


Distant healing Reiki sessions are a great way to support a healthy animal (like having a relaxing “spa” treatment) healing from illness and injury, to aid post-surgery recovery, lessen side-effects from medications, and can also support a peaceful hospice and dying process. They are also very helpful for human companions of these animals. 


Kathleen requests that during the Reiki meditation session, the recipient has quiet time to rest and relax.

A photo along with a little bit of information about your animal is welcome but not required. If you can sit with your animal and take part in the healing space, that is ideal. Kathleen will email you after the session and ask you to observe your animal’s healing process (as well as your own) over the next few days for any healing shifts (in areas that may be expected or even unexpected) as this will give us a clue as to how Reiki is supporting healing.


Note: Kathleen cannot confirm your appointment on her schedule until you have paid for your session.

How distant Reiki healing sessions work with multiple animals

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