Animal Reiki Classes

The Animal Reiki Source® Academy:

Learn Kathleen Prasad’s Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki:
Animal-guided healing through meditation

Helping people learn to tune into and respect animal wisdom

Approaching the healing connection with humility and gratitude

Empowering animals by helping them feel safe, trusting and in charge

Celebrating the power and potential of the spirit through meditation

The Let Animals Lead® method is not just a bold new approach to Animal Reiki, it’s also a model for advocating for holistic healing that is animal-led and supports living with compassion and loving-kindness in the world. We believe wholeness and peace is possible in this moment, whatever it looks like. We teach meditation strategies to achieve it.

On-Demand Animal Reiki Training:

The Let Animals Lead® Method Professional Practice Package
Best Practice Guidelines for the Professional Animal Reiki Practitioner
The Animal Reiki Ethics Audio Course
How to Guide a Meditation Using the Let Animals Lead® Method
The Future of Animal Reiki
The Let Animals Lead® Method Healing Support Package
The Medicine Buddha Chant
The Animal Healing Meditations
The Hara and Precepts Meditation
The Heal Yourself, Heal Your Animals Audio Series
The Let Animals Lead® Method Meditation Package
How Animal Reiki is Different from Human Reiki… and Why it Matters
Heart to Heart Animal Reiki
Helping Animals with the Japanese Precepts
The Heart Your Animals Series
The Let Animals Lead® Method Species Package
Reiki Lessons from Animals
Reiki for Cats
Reiki for Dogs
Reiki for Horses
Animal Reiki and Power Animals Package
The 5 Power Animals Meditation Course
Animals and the Elements Course 1: Meditating with Colors and Shapes
Animals and the Elements Course 2: Meditating with Precepts and Affirmations
The Let Animals Lead® Method Foundation Package
Introduction to the Let Animals Lead® Method
Animals Should Always Lead Reiki: Your Ethical Blueprint for Honoring Animal Preference
Volunteering Animal Reiki in Shelters and Sanctuaries, the Let Animals Lead® Way

Online Certification Classes:

Get certified as a Level 1 or 2 Animal Reiki Practitioner online, and take the Animal Reiki Workshop -a prerequisite for my Level 3 Teacher Class:

The Animal Reiki Workshop:
Core Curriculum
by Correspondence
Level 1 Animal Reiki
Online Morning Session
Level 1 Animal Reiki
Online Evening Session
Level 2 Animal Reiki
Online Morning Session
Level 2 Animal Reiki
Online Evening Session

On-Location Animal Reiki Training:

Due to the pandemic, all in-person Animal Reiki classes are postponed until further notice. Stay tuned, as we look forward to resuming our on-location classes at Lily’s Legacy in Petaluma, Foothill Farms in Sacramento, The CARE Foundation in FL, Catskill Animal Sanctuary in NY and Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary in England. 

About the Animal Reiki Source® Academy

Kathleen Prasad, founder of Animal Reiki Source® and the Let Animals Lead® method, teaches that animals are co-creators in the meditation process. Nothing is ever forced on an animal, and the practitioner focuses on the wholeness in every situation.

The Animal Reiki Source® Academy offers a variety of inspiring learning options by Kathleen Prasad, including on-demand, on-site and live online training options. Kathleen has also written several books on Animal Reiki. Note: due the pandemic, all on-site courses are postponed until 2021, stay tuned for dates!

Kathleen is a pioneer in the field of Animal Reiki. Her unique Let Animals Lead® method, based on over twenty years of experience with animals in the field (including over 500 hours of professional human Reiki training and thousands of hours of Animal Reiki sessions), is used with great success by animal lovers around the world. Kathleen’s gentle and respectful approach can support even the most sensitive animals and people.

Not sure where to start?

One of Kathleen’s favorite on-demand classes is both in-depth and inspiring: Heart to Heart Animal Reiki is suitable for anyone interested in learning not only how to help themselves through meditation but also how to create an incredible bond with animals.  You can also study Level 1 Animal Reiki live and online with Kathleen. CLICK HERE for class schedule.  Applying the techniques taught in these courses will change your life with animals for the better!

Want a simple, powerful meditation to use everyday with your animals?

We recommend The Animal Reiki Guided Meditation on the Hara and Precepts.  This 30-minute meditation combines soothing music with the healing power of Kathleen’s voice to deepen your bond the animals you love.

Want to teach Animal Reiki?

You won’t find the animal-centric philosophy of the Let Animals Lead® curriculum anywhere else. In addition, Kathleen’s manuals for Level 1, 2 and 3 Reiki/Animal Reiki are authentic, professional and transformative, each over 100 pages long and providing everything you need to teach in your community. Reiki 2 and 3 practitioners from all lineages are invited to take Kathleen’s Animal Reiki Teacher Training courses, provided they complete the 5-week Animal Reiki Workshop online course, offered every 2 months throughout the year. This class is given in a variety of locations around the US as well as in England. Check out the class calendar for your next opportunity to join us!

Want to help shelter animals? 

Join SARA, The Shelter Animal Reiki Association! SARA is a special nonprofit Kathleen has co-founded with Leah D’Ambrosio to support Animal Reiki practitioners and teachers to go out into the community and assist rescue organizations with animal Reiki sessions and staff/volunteer training. Students taking a Level 1, 2 or 3 class with Kathleen or any SARA Teacher will be invited to join SARA at the Practitioner level. Can’t study with us in-person? Reiki practitioners from any lineage who complete one of these online classes, will qualify to become a SARA Practitioner: The Animal Reiki for Reiki Practitioners class taught by SARA Vice President Leah D’Ambrosio or the Level 1 Animal Reiki Online Certification class with Kathleen, morning or afternoon session.  SARA has monthly meetings, an online support community of experienced practitioners and a ton of materials to help you serve rescued animals and their caregivers in your community.

Click here to find out more about SARA.