Animals and the Elements Course 1: Luminous Meditations with Colors and Shapes


Through 6 inspiring audios (complete with guided meditations) and an accompanying e-book, discover the healing benefits of the 5 elements of earth, water, fire, air and space. Meditating on totem animals for each of these elements can help you find healing, harmony and balance in even the most difficult situations.


Join world-renowned animal Reiki expert Kathleen Prasad for this 6-part audio course to help you utilize animal power while you deepen your meditation practice. By meditating with a special animal totem and element each week, you will learn to unlock your inner healing potential. Through contemplation of spiritual quotes, mindful meditations, and journal reflections each week, you will explore the animal’s connections to the mystical healing properties of a particular traditional Japanese element and its corresponding shape and color. Discover how combining each of these spiritual tools with an animal totem supports healing growth and deepening of your inner clarity, wisdom and compassion.

Animals and the Elements Audio Series: A Foundation for Inner Transformation

Course 1: Luminous Meditations with Colors and Shapes

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Students will receive 6 60-minute audios. During each 60-minute audio, Kathleen will guide you through a meditation with a specific animal totem and discuss ways animal energy can support your healing journey. Originally a live teleclass, the audio recordings will allow you to listen to participant discussions and sharing which will deepen your experience of the written materials presented. Students will receive a beautiful and extensive e-book to accompany the course.

Topics Covered:

Lesson 1:

Opening your mind and heart to receive animal wisdom. Totem animal: Bear

This lesson will focus on tips for creating a special sacred space for your meditation practice. You’ll also learn why practice and perseverance are so important to create successful meditative connections with the animals you love! You’ll also meditate with Bear energy.

Lesson 2:

Benefits of connecting to earth. Totem animal: Buffalo

In this section, we’ll contemplate four quotes by well-known spiritual teachers about the importance of grounding. Learn how being grounded can transform even the most difficult moments into healing moments. We’ll also meditate with Buffalo energy.

Lesson 3:

Benefits of connecting to water. Totem animal: Dolphin

In this section, we’ll contemplate four spiritual quotes about the healing aspects of water energy. Learn how being flexible and fluid like water can bring healing to even the most challenging situations. We’ll also meditate with Dolphin energy.

Lesson 4:

Benefits of connecting to fire energy. Totem animal: Black Leopard

In this section, we’ll contemplate five quotes by great spiritual teachers about healing potential of fire energy. Learn how to bring out your inner joy, passion and enthusiasm to bring abundance to your life. We’ll also meditate with Black Leopard energy.

Lesson 5:

Benefits of connecting to air energy. Totem animal: Butterfly

In this lesson, we’ll contemplate five quotes from wise spiritual masters about how the energy of air can be the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds and can bring renewal to every situation. We’ll also meditate with Butterfly energy.

Lesson 6:

Benefits of connecting to space energy. Totem animal: Deer
In this section, we’ll contemplate four quotes from great spiritual teachers about how the energy of space can show us the nature of our true self and the reality of the world around us. Learn how seeing things from this perspective can heal every aspect of our lives, and help the animals we love. We’ll also meditate with Deer energy.

If you want to explore the ways animals can heal us in the meditation space, as well as the ways we can heal animals by radiating peace and compassion, this course is for you!


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