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Why I love the Cat Protection Society

Here’s a wonderful nonprofit animal shelter I’d like to share with you today: the Cat Protection Society in Australia. I can’t wait to see the cats (and hopefully some of you) at my special one-day workshop at this shelter next Monday (click here for more info).

Cat Protection Society, which has been rescuing and rehoming cats since 1958, does such amazing work. Here are some fun facts about this wonderful shelter for cats:

BASED IN: Newtown, New South Wales, Australia

cat protection 1

WHAT’S SPECIAL about the Cat Protection Society: The Cat Protection Society is a no-kill shelter with no time limits on how long a cat may stay there. Resident cats are spayed/neutered; given a vet check; are microchipped, vaccinated and house-trained; and dewormed/deflead. Their philosophy is a beautiful one: “We believe that a contract was made between people and cats many thousands of years ago when people first domesticated cats, and we believe that we have a moral obligation to honour that contract.” And they are open to Reiki, too!

SIZE OF the shelter: Twelve full-time employees,150 volunteers and 2,000-3,000 feline “clients” every year

NUMBER OF felines rehomed every year: More than 1,000 cats and kittens

SWEET STORIES: Heartwarming adoption tales of resident cats finding loving homes (plus adorable photos) are shared here.

PEEK INSIDE Cat Protection in this video:

TO SUPPORT Cat Protection: Any monetary amount is welcome! Even just $15 will provide litter for one cat for two weeks. And can you believe just $30 will cover the cost of a cat being microchipped? Click here to donate.

{“Adopt Me” photo © Cat Protection Society}

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