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We Can Bring People Together by Helping Animals

Wouldn’t it be nice to find more ways to bring people together by helping animals in 2023?

In this post about bringing people together by helping animals, we’ll cover:

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For those of us living in the United States, we’ve just finished the midterm elections, and it seems everywhere you look, on the news or on social media, our country is more divided than ever. Not only our country, though, the entire world seems more divided than ever. Sometimes it feels like there’s no way to bridge these gaps—opinions, beliefs, and passions that run very deep for so many people—to bring people together again. But I believe there is a way to bring people together, no matter our race, religion, beliefs, or opinions.

Recently, in an interview with Stephen Colbert, Bono from U2 talked about how much he loved traveling the world and meeting so many wonderful people everywhere and something he said really got me in the feels:

“You don’t have to agree with people on everything, if the one thing you agree on is important enough.” Bono

In my experience, traveling the world and teaching Animal Reiki, “one thing” that is important enough (for so many people around the world) is: helping animals.

I believe that helping animals can bring people together

This one VERY important thing – working in community to help animals — can provide the path for us towards positive energy, the manifestation of deep healing and the accomplishment of great things!

And isn’t this something that the world needs now, more than ever?

The funny thing about finding that “one thing” that you have in common with someone else — it’s usually a gateway into more commonalities, and we can discover that we are really not so different at all. I think it is so wonderful to have great friends around the world—all of us working together for positive change for animals—and the spirit of community is strong enough to bridge the gap of other differences we may have in life. Learning our commonalities with each other is just one of the many gifts that animals bring us.

It’s yet another reason why we should honor the presence of animals in our lives and how they are here on this earth to teach us: They help us to focus in on kindness, gentleness, friendship and solidarity. Kathleen Prasad

Advocating for animals and helping them can begin healing our communities and the animals are showing us the way to do this.

As we find ourselves nearing the end of 2022, having survived so many challenges during the pandemic (and mourning many friends and loved ones who didn’t), it is time for us to build something new that will bring us all together with a common goal in 2023: helping animals.

As a community, Let Animals Lead® method practitioners and teachers have an amazing opportunity to be models for change, and we have the tools to create this change from the inside out! As we work to honor, cherish and support our animal friends, we can heal and unify our human community as well!

Are you ready to help me build an amazing Animal Reiki community of positive change in 2023?

Animal Reiki Source is offering THREE brand new ways to bring people together by helping animals in 2023 and we want you to join us!

Join our all-new LET ANIMALS LEAD® COMMUNITY on the Mighty Networks platform

Launching January 3, 2023, our all-new LAL® Community will bring together people who have taken any of the three levels of Animal Reiki Source’s Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki (with Kathleen or any of her Teachers)! $11 per month will give you exclusive access to a diverse array of Let Animals Lead® students, practitioners, and teachers, all ready to work together to help animals! Stay tuned for our upcoming newsletter that details everything about this new and super exciting venture (or sign up for our newsletter to get the latest and greatest about upcoming events).

Why join our new Let Animals Lead® Community in 2023?

  1. Firstly, because it will take us all away from social media (which can be draining and disempowering with all the gobbeldy gook, spam, ads, and/or negativity) and bring us all to one place—one safe, collaborative space filled to bursting with like-minded animal lovers like ourselves. All you’ll have to do is log in to your account and you’ll find never-ending positivity, support, and ongoing education at your fingertips.

  2. You’ll get access to unique and exclusive Let Animals Lead® method learning opportunities!

  3. You’ll have 24/7 positive mindset support from Let Animals Lead® method users all over the world!

  4. You’ll be in a safe atmosphere of loving-kindness for healing and growing, for both you and your animals!

  5. You’ll get access to a secure, welcoming space to create lifelong connections and friendships with other members, worldwide, as the new community brings us together to support each other and increase positive change for animals!

  6. You’ll have ongoing, live, guided group support in your meditation practice with animals.

  7. You’ll be able to level-up your ability to show up compassionately for yourself and others, even in difficult moments.

  8. It will help you align with your soul’s purpose to help animals.

  9. Being part of a like-minded community allows us to join with others to increase our influence and unite animal lovers globally.

  10. You’ll learn many different ways to create a lasting impact on animals’ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

  11. You’ll be able to deepen your spiritual path with the guidance of animals.

Join in January and you’ll get a bunch of Animal Reiki Source Swag!

In addition to all the main membership goodness, if you sign up for membership in January, you’ll get a bunch of bonus gifts (such as a special event for Valentine’s Day, a special group distant session series, a free on-demand video class worth $65, and a chance to win a private consultation/mentoring session with Kathleen AND 10% off your next Level 1, 2, or 3 Let Animals Lead® Animal Reiki course).

What does our Let Animals Lead® Community membership include?

🧘🏻‍♀️ Membership in the Animal Reiki Meditation Group 🧘🏻‍♀️

This special group is your inspirational, guided support to keep up your daily practice, which is the foundation of your ability to connect with animals!

Everyone in our Let Animals Lead® community will receive a special meditation to focus on each month, and live, guided practice once a week. Kathleen will visit the group live, the first Wednesday of each month and present a short teaching about the month’s meditation and how it can help our Animal Reiki practice as well as support the health of your animals. She will then guide the group in that month’s special meditation.

In addition, once a week for the rest of each month, other Let Animals Lead® Teachers of Excellence will visit the group for additional live group practice. Live practice is always fun and helpful, but what if you can’t be there live? Kathleen’s live meditation will be recorded each month so you can revisit them at your convenience.

🏘 Members-only access to special groups and topics for learning, connecting and discussion 🏘

Groups Included With Membership:

The Let Animals Lead® Distant Healing Support Circle: Support others in need and post your own requests for free distant sessions from our dedicated, compassionate members

  1. Special groups organized by geographical location

  2. A group for those members volunteering in shelters and sanctuaries

  3. A group where members can post their free events and sharing circles.

  4. The ability to post questions and meet with other members for support, networking and small-group practice

Optional Groups to add to your membership:

  1. For Level 2 or 3 LAL® students: 2023 Practitioners of Excellence

  2. For Level 3 LAL® students: 2023 Teachers of Excellence

  3. For Level 3 LAL® students: 2023 Teacher VIPs (includes Practitioners and Teachers of Excellence groups, plus HUGE special discounts!)

All-new Animal Reiki Immersion Days at the CARE Foundation in February 2023

I often say, there is no substitute for practice, practice, practice! I’ve been teaching all of my Level 1, 2 and 3 certification courses online since 2020 and I have fallen in love with the online format: the longer timing, getting to know students more deeply and so much more! So, going forward, I will only be offering Levels 1-3 training online; however, I will be creating special opportunities throughout the year for my students to experience my guidance, mentoring and Reiju in person with ARS Immersion Days!

This coming February, at the exotic animal rescue CARE Foundation in Apopka, Florida (just outside of Orlando), I’ll be teaching on-location courses: one for Practitioners and one for Teachers.

Everyone who attends will receive a copy of the new 2023 Let Animals Lead® manuals corresponding to their level of training! These Animal Reiki Immersion Days are an unparalleled opportunity for students to uplevel their practice!

There is no substitute for experiencing the magic of the Let Animals Lead® method with the CARE animals, and there is nothing that can compare to what it feels like to have a crocodile say, “yes” to connecting with you in the Animal Reiki space! Wild and exotic animals are also the best teachers in reflecting back to you your state of mind, unveiling your gifts and showing you the places where you still have to grow. Kathleen Prasad

Immersion Days are open to Level 1, 2 and 3 students trained in the Let Animals Lead® method, here are more details,

Practitioner Immersion Days , Feb. 24-25, 2023, include:

  1. A private sanctuary tour of the CARE Foundation. Learn the stories of the animals and the amazing work of the CARE Foundation!

  2. Review and practice of some of Kathleen’s favorite Animal Reiki techniques for Levels 1 and 2.

  3. Daily Reiju with Kathleen

  4. A deep focus on meditating with alligators, bears, tigers, monkeys or any of the over 200 animals just waiting to become part of your Animal Reiki journey in unforgettable ways!

  5. A copy of the brand-new Level 1 and/or 2 manual, depending on your level of training.

Details on ARS February CARE Immersion Days for Practitioners including discounts available on rooms.

Teacher Immersion Days, Feb. 26-27, 2023, include:

  1. A private sanctuary tour of the CARE Foundation. Learn the stories of the animals and the amazing work of the CARE Foundation!

  2. Review and practice of the traditional Japanese techniques for Level 3, including the 4th symbol and mantra, Reiju and more.

  3. Overview and discussion of Kathleen’s favorite new parts of the 2023 manuals and ways to teach them in Level 1 and 2 classes.

  4. Daily Reiju with Kathleen

  5. A deep focus on meditating with the amazing animal teachers of CARE.

  6. A copy of the brand-new Level 1, 2 and 3 manuals!

I also hope to have one or two more immersion opportunities at other locations in 2023, stay tuned for details later on!

Brand-new Level 1, 2 and 3 manuals in the Let Animals Lead® method: Launching in January 2023

I’ve been working on these manuals for almost a year now, and I’m so excited to see them in print! They contain many exciting, new additions, including workbook prompts and space for you to write your thoughts and reflections as you learn, and more.

There are only three ways for you to get your hands on these new Let Animals Lead® Animal Reiki manuals!
  1. Take (or resit) an online Level 1, 2 or 3 class with me or one of my Teachers of Excellence—all class registrations available through Animal Reiki Source Academy

  2. Join one (or both) of the 2023 Practitioner of Excellence or Teacher of Excellence programs in our Let Animals Lead® Mighty Networks Community

  3. Attend the Practitioner or Teacher Immersion Days. I will be offering these at one or two more locations after the February CARE days sometime later in 2023, dates and locations to follow.

I’m so excited to build this special community with all of you, my amazing Let Animals Lead® practitioners and teachers! Together we can accomplish so much for the good of animals. 😊

PS: Thanks Bono, for the inspiration you and your songs have given me throughout my life, and I can’t wait to read your new book!

If you’re interested in taking Level 1, 2, or 3 of the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki with ARS, we have openings for all three in January. You can join through our Animal Reiki Source Academy.

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