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Ultimate holiday gift guide for dog and cat lovers

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? I’ve only just begun! In case you’re still searching for that special something, here’s my ultimate holiday gift guide for the cat and dog lovers in your life. Stay tuned next week for part II, which will feature even more fun and creative gifts for animal lovers!

1. An LED leash so their beloved dog stays safe on after-dark walks ($33).

led dog leash

2. A real Chocolate Labrador as delicious as it is cute ($20).

choc lab

3. A fancy bow tie for his favorite pooch ($45).

dog bow tie

4. A pretty flower to adorn an otherwise ho-hum collar ($12, set of two).

collar flower

5. A doggie DNA test to cure their curiosity ($85).

doggy dna

6. A Crazy Cat Lady sweatshirt, because we all know one ($28).

cat lady

7. Adorable lint-free dish towels, sure to cheer up any kitchen ($22, set of two).

dish towel

8. An inspiring (and true!) sign for her desk or cubicle ($8).

cat sign

9. A sweet cat ring she won’t want to take off ($25).

cat ring

10. For a splurge, the Petzi Treat Cam, which lets them greet their dog (and even dispense treats!) anywhere, anytime ($170).

petzi treat cam

Happy shopping! And just as a reminder, when shopping on Amazon this holiday season and anytime, please use “Amazon Smile” to donate 0.5% of your qualifying purchases to the Shelter Animal Reiki Association.

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