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Transcendence Through Compassion

For me, the most powerful indicator of success in our Animal Reiki practice is the presence of compassion in our lives. It also is the central component of every teaching we learn, and the most powerful healing we can ever offer another being.

Compassion is our essence and when we cultivate it, we often feel like we’re “coming home” to our true self. In order to fully embody compassion on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, there are some limiting beliefs and perceptions that we need to transcend.

In the Let Animals Lead® method, there are many levels of transcendence we can achieve through our Animal Reiki meditation practice, but today I want to focus on three:

The first level of transcendence we can experience is that of illness, injury or disease. This can happen for both our own experience, as well as our perception of the suffering of others. If you’re an empath like me, this is a vital skill to learn in order to make life in the world much easier!

The second level of transcendence the Let Animals Lead® method helps us experience is that of species. Through our practice, we will no longer feel separate or even “above” non-human animals of all species. We can truly experience the pure light essence that we share with all other living beings. Our view of our place in the world will expand, as will our inspiration to create compassionate actions.

The third level of transcendence we can experience through this method is that of space and time. Although the formal teaching of “distant healing” happens in the 2nd Level of practice, in actuality this teaching is something that I begin to introduce from the very first class and/or meditation that I teach.

All three of these transcending experiences can happen in progression or even simultaneously as we practice our Animal Reiki meditations. The experiences continue to grow and deepen over our lifetime.

Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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