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These celebrities are making this world a better place

I typically don’t care much about celebrities; I don’t follow the gossip mags or obsess over who’s wearing what or who won which award. But when people (famous or otherwise) do wonderful things to help animals, I take notice. Here are five creative and inspiring celebrities helping animals in need—and using their fortunes, connections and popularity to make our world a better place:

Pamela Anderson: For those of us who have sworn off UGGs forever, look at these beautiful and warm “shearling”-style boots that are vegan, water-resistant and washable—and designed by model and actress Anderson. According to her new site, PAMMIES, “Our message is … Compassion is sexy.” Orders start shipping this month, with free U.S. shipping until December 31.

Get your hands on these lovely boots from Pam Anderson’s Pammies. Preorder NOW! #CrueltyFree — PETA (@peta) October 21, 2015

Jon Stewart: Far from the cameras (and 50 miles outside of New York City), comedian Stewart and his wife, Tracey, now live in hog heaven on their 12-acre farm called Bufflehead. And as the Stewarts announced last month, they’ve partnered with Farm Sanctuary to make Bufflehead, currently home to four rescued pigs, a safe haven for all kinds of orphaned and farm animals. You can follow two of Stewart’s adorable pigs on Facebook here.

See Jon Stewart feed his pigs pumpkins for Halloween: ?? — Entertainment Weekly (@EW) October 31, 2015

Larry Ellison: Ellison, former Oracle CEO and famous Silicon Valley billionaire, is using his wealth to develop a state-of-the-art wildlife refuge and rehabilitation center in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Saratoga, California. In partnership with the Peninsula Humane Society, the proposed Conservation Center for Wildlife Care will help thousands of local animals each year, focus on education, and help at-risk species with a breeding center for invertebrates, like butterflies.

“30 Surprising Facts About #Billionaire Tycoon #LarryEllison via @Inc” He’s signed #TheGivingPledge #philanthropy — Sara Gabriella (@misssarasays) April 19, 2015

Ellen DeGeneres: DeGeneres is a well-known animal lover—but everyone may not know she is also part owner of a natural pet food and care company called Halo, Purely for Pets. She first heard of them after discovering one of her dogs was allergic to everything. She loved the award-winning company and its holistic approach so much, she decided to join the business. To check out their line of dog and cat food, treats, supplements and grooming supplies, go here.

.@Halopets #petfood arrives @ country k9 #rescue just in time for #kittenseason. #SocialGood — Halo Purely for Pets (@halopets) October 1, 2015

Alicia Silverstone: Actress Silverstone, an outspoken animal advocate, vegan and environmentalist, launched The Kind Life blog and online community as a resource for those looking for more information on how to live an eco-friendly life. Chock-full of info on safe and cruelty-free products, inspiring animal stories, green news, recipes and more, go here for some support (and good tips!) on your journey toward healthier living. Don’t miss her New York Times bestseller The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet.

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Which animal-loving celebrities inspire you the most?

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