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The winner of the World’s Most Adorable Reiki Animal is …

Last Friday, February 5, was the inaugural World Animal Reiki Day—and let me tell you, the day was such a huge global success! Thank you to everyone around the world who participated. The day would not have been a success without your involvement and support.

One of the many ways we celebrated was through the World’s Most Adorable Reiki Animal photo contest. Out of 35 entries, the winning photo (pictured above), which received the most likes on Facebook (135), was of a very special (and absolutely adorable) rescue dog named Eva.

Eva’s human is Jenny Hughes, a student of mine who took Reiki 3 at Animal Haven in New York City. As reported in this Dogster article, Eva was found abandoned in Philadelphia, tied to a post and left to die. She was more than 20 pounds underweight and not expected to live much longer. But the Pennsylvania SPCA offered her up as a hospice foster, and that’s how she met Jenny. As Jenny says, “That was almost 2 years ago and we have since adopted Miss Eva! Reiki has been part of our regular interactions and an important part of her healing journey from 68 pounds to close to 100 pounds now. It’s a wonderful bonding time for us and Reiki has served to calm Eva in times where her arthritis was acting up or simply to help her sleep soundly. Eva teaches me everyday how to live life to its fullest and always wear a smiley ! I look forward to many more years of sharing Reiki with this brave warrior!”

Eva has her own Facebook page; you can follow her journey here. Big congrats to Jenny and Eva for winning; she will be receiving all three of my books, as well as a complimentary distant animal Reiki treatment (a $100 value). Thanks again to all who entered!

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