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The Power of Patience to Heal

I hope you all had a safe and simple Thanksgiving celebration last week. We had a wonderful, small vegan feast and visited on Zoom with extended family. It was great to see everyone, and I definitely chose to focus on the many things in my life I am grateful for.

However, to be honest, now that we’re in December, looking ahead to the holidays, knowing I can’t visit family as I usually do, is a bit of a bummer. Yet with the new vaccines on the horizon, I know there’s a light at the end of this long, isolated tunnel. We only need to be patient for a few more months until things can get back to (relatively) normal. I really hope to be traveling and teaching at my favorite sanctuaries again by the summer (Reiki fingers crossed).

Moving forward with last week’s lesson on gratitude, it’s time to ask our animals to help us practice patience. Let’s think about how our Animal Reiki practice can support us in this.

First of all, our animals, as always, are our teachers and guides. Many animals are wonderful models of the virtue of patience. If they can live through hardship with patience, we can surely try! CLICK HERE to read about how the life story of Shirley the elephant inspired me about how the power of patience with love can heal all things. Do you know a story of an animal that teaches the power of patience? Take some time to revisit it and mindfully let that wisdom sink in.

Animals also teach us that patience makes all the difference in helping our animals heal, so they’ve been teaching us this for a long time through our Reiki relationships with them, haven’t they! CLICK HERE to read more about the positive energetic effects patience can have on our connections to our animals. Allow your love for your animals to motivate you to practice patience, and watch your relationships with them deepen in beautiful ways!

The Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki also helps us cultivate patience. At the center of our practice is the idea of animal empowerment in Reiki connections. Because we always let the animals choose both if and how to share in Reiki sessions, we’re practicing patience every time we share Reiki. This kind of patience is so powerful because it’s about peaceful acceptance and letting go of control. CLICK HERE for more about how patience is central to our state of mind during Animal Reiki sessions. Remembering to take this mindset is not only good for Animal Reiki, but also can help us get through any challenge life presents us!

By being mindful of the life lessons in patience animals teach us, allowing our love for them to motivate us and by practicing the Let Animals Lead® method regularly, we can strengthen our patience “muscles” and more easily use them in the months ahead!

Check out this month’s Animal Reiki Talk: Topic: Power of Patience to Heal CLICK HERE to listen in and meditate with us to deepen our patience 🙂

I hope this talk is helpful and supportive to each and every one of you! Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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