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The Power of Listening in Animal Reiki

In the Let Animals Lead® method, we want to give animals room to have agency, self-determination and choice. We want to honor their own unique experience of energy: if they want to connect to us, or if they don’t – and if they do, what does that look like? The #1 quality we need to cultivate in order to truly Let Animals Lead, is the quality of listening.

The best listening we can do with the animals we want to help is not only listening with our ears, but also with our eyes (observing behavior) and most importantly, listening with our hearts. This means to really listen to what is under the surface of their behavior. Even deeper than emotions, if we can learn to open up to an animal’s soul experience and listen to that in this moment: that is how we can begin to see the perfect inner light of the animal in each and every moment.

When we learn to listen to our animals, it can begin physically through behavior and responding respectfully to what they show you. With time and practice, we can begin to sense emotions energetically and understand even more from them. CLICK HERE to learn more from last week’s Animal Reiki Talk.

Want to learn more? I’ve got a special audio course that helps you learn the best ways to listen to and honor the preferences of animals during Animal Reiki sessions. CLICK HERE for more info and to sign up!

Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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