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Something Brand New, Just For You!

I’m so excited you’re here, friends!

I (and my small but amazing, dedicated team) have been working for several months on something just for you, my dear students. It’s something special to help support you and your animals at home during these uncertain times:

Announcing the official launch of my Animal Reiki Source Academy On-Demand Training Experience!

This new platform will allow you to access all your on-demand courses in one place by simply logging into your member area from the homepage of my website. You’ll also receive an upgraded and improved course experience AND a beautiful certificate of achievement for each course you complete.

Want to find out all the details and see it in action? Check out my video test-drive of the new platform in this month’s Animal Reiki Talk HERE.

As a special thank you to all my students, if you’ve bought one of these on-demand courses in the past, very soon you will receive an email giving you access to your course in the new and improved format.

This was a huge project, and I have spent hundreds of hours going through and upgrading over 2 dozen of my on-demand courses. Whew!

Some of the improvements you’ll see:

  1. The Animal Healing Meditations are now offered in video and audio format.

  2. The Medicine Buddha Chant is now offered in video format.

  3. Courses are now broken down into shorter “bite-sized” chapters by topic to make learning easier.

  4. Guided meditations in each course are now separate chapters so they are easy to use for support whenever you need them.

  5. Related courses are now also offered in “package form” for HUGE savings.

  6. Each package purchase also includes a FREE bonus “Let Animals Lead® Method Library” with over 3 dozen teachings on various Animal Reiki topics.

CLICK HERE to check out the packages.

Although the courses are still available individually, completing the entire package will not only save you money, but also they have now been grouped to give you a much more in-depth experience in each topic area.

I’m so excited for you to try out this new platform, and can’t wait to hear what you think! Stay safe and be well.


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