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Saturday Webinar Plus Animal Reiki Talk Tuesday

Don’t forget this Saturday’s special class:

Saturday, July 10, 2021 10-11:30am Pacific time

Can’t be there live? No problem: A recording of this class will be sent to all participants. CLICK HERE for more info and to sign up.

July’s Animal Reiki Talk will be next week, Tuesday, July 13th at 6PM Pacific time.

Inspired by our July 4 Independence Day Holiday, our topic will be:

The Importance of Animal Independence and Agency within the Reiki Session

CLICK HERE to join online. Dial: +1 605-562-0444Show ID: 85041

Animals’ right to agency and independence within a Reiki session is often not taken into account because of humans’ mistaken belief that we “always know better.” Unfortunately this often causes animals discomfort and creates obstacles to trust and connection. This view also completely overlooks the incredibly important contribution animals make to the Reiki space that we share.

Let’s explore this important topic from the viewpoint of the Let Animals Lead® method next week!

Note on Level 2 Online Openings: Although my July online Level 1 classes are sold out, I do have a few spots left in the PM session of my online Level 2! Be sure to sign up now as my next Level 2 sessions won’t be until January 2022!

Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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