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Rise Above with Animal Reiki: Relax, Reconnect, Radiate

How are you dear One?

This week, I’ve created a special video for you:

I hope this meditation helps you to become more present in this moment and to remember the healing power of listening with our whole being to our loved ones. Dog energy helps us access the power of our inner heart and the unconditional love that resides there. What a beautiful gift, to be able to honor others with a listening heart! Especially now when we’re spending so much time in our homes, what better time to open our hearts to the teachings that animals bring!

We are entering week 4 of our “Shelter in Place” order, and it seems that we have a long road to recovery ahead of us in this world, don’t we? I want to let you know that each day I take time in my Animal Reiki practice to create a space of love and light for you, for your animals and for the world right now, as it is. Yes, I see the suffering and fear that is everywhere. And yet, I can see so much more… [bctt tweet=”Together, with the power of our focused minds, expansive hearts and with the support of our animals, let’s meet this moment in a positive way.” username=”ARS_animalreiki”]

Let’s rise up and meet today’s challenges with confidence, balance, strength and compassion! During this month’s Animal Reiki Talk, I have also created a special audio meditation for you to relax with our animals, reconnect with our hearts through love and radiate compassion for the world. Together, with the power of our focused minds, expansive hearts and with the support of our animals, let’s meet this moment in a positive way. Let’s rise above the fear, frustration and physical suffering. Let’s meditate together, focusing on the deeper essence of life and purpose. If I focus, center, breathe and share space with my animals, I can remember something stronger than my outer circumstances. I can transcend the pain and fear and shine the light of my spirit. By harnessing the infinite power of love I can dissolve discomfort and sadness. By getting back in touch with my best self, I can touch a deeper purpose in my life and see that this moment is the perfect moment to shine for others. Through meditating with my animals, it is always possible to find peace. If I can remember this within myself, I can help others to also remember it. Let’s find that peace together, my friends. Hope to see you tonight! CLICK HERE to listen to this special meditation to help us rise above with Animal Reiki!

Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way!


Kathleen Prasad
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