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Remembering All is Well

This past week was a very challenging one for me personally! My parents were evacuated due to the River Fire (thank goodness they are safe and were able to return to their home without damage).

At the same time that was happening, a nearby sanctuary to them where my student Sherry volunteers Reiki, the Blackberry Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary, was trying to save their animals with almost no time to evacuate. (*Update, they are safe and sound, and hopefully will return soon to their land.)

In addition, that same day my horse had some health issues requiring me to quickly move him to another facility in order to get well. He has lived in the same place for 13 years, so contemplating a move as well as his not feeling well were very concerning to me.

With all of these things happening at the same time, needless to say it was a huge challenge to focus on my practice instead of giving in to worry!

It’s times like these that I try to remind myself of my favorite Let Animals Lead® method mantra, “All is well.” It’s so hard to let go of expectations and stop trying to “fix” problems through our Animal Reiki practice – especially when they are close to home, and yet we must. For it’s when we can only see what is “wrong” that we get in our own way, focusing on the negatives of a situation, and then animals find it very difficult to connect with us.

Spending time with Kodiak this week while remembering “All is Well” and simply holding space for him has been a wonderful way to remember my role in simply being present for him with an open heart. In the same way, as I offer distant sessions to all those affected by the massive wildfires, I must remember my role in holding the light in dark times. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, especially when we think of all the suffering happening for so many beings, (humans, animals and nature) right now. But I truly believe that by shining the beautiful light of our Reiki or “soul power” in difficult times, we can embrace even the most difficult situations with peace, harmony, compassion and loving-kindness!

I’m happy to share that Kodiak seems much calmer today, settling down into his new home, and he also seems to be on the mend 🙂 I am so grateful to be able to share this journey with him in partnership and with gratitude for our connection to each other. Letting our animals know that we are there with them with a peaceful spirit and open mind that remembers “All is Well,” is both an incredible honor and a gift.

In order to be able to do this we must practice, practice, practice! CLICK HERE for a great meditation to help remember that All is Well.

Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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