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Letting Animals Lead Us Back to Love

“Love is the whole thing. We are only pieces.” ~Rumi

I hope everyone had a beautiful World Animal Reiki Day last Saturday! With all the amazing love and light created for animals that day, it feels like the perfect time to contemplate LOVE! As Valentine’s Day approaches this coming week, I am mindful of the vast ocean of love that animals have sweetly and easily swept into my life. Through their example, animals have also taught me so much about what it means to love, and how the power of love heals all.

In return, sharing my Animal Reiki practice with animals has helped me to give back at least a small portion of the love they have shared with me. Here are 3 ways my Let Animals Lead® Animal Reiki practice strengthens my ability to support my animals with love.

1) The Let Animals Lead® method cultivates love through mindfulness.

The true power of healing comes from our ability to hold space for our animals without judgment and with a peaceful heart. Along with our meditation practice, spending time with our animals helps us remember the power of being present. This is something they do quite easily, but we need to practice through the good times and bad; when we do, it helps us appreciate more fully each moment of the good times, as well as dig deep to find gratitude in the hard times. In other words, it helps us be present in love with our animals each and every day!

2) The Let Animals Lead® method cultivates love through grounding practices.

Life can be stressful, and human beings spend a lot of time worrying. Our meditations help us recenter our energy around a stable foundation, with our roots reaching deep into the energy of the earth so that the strong grip of fear can lose its hold over us. When we are grounded and not distracted by our fears, we can focus on the love in this very moment with our animals, and this transcends everything else that may be going on.

3) The Let Animals Lead® method cultivates love through positivity.

Through our meditation practice, we learn how to expand our way of seeing and perceiving our animals. Although our animals are able to see us without judgment for our faults, illnesses or injuries, we humans often frame our view of animals around what is “wrong” with them or their situations. When we expand our view through meditation, we can see more deeply as they do, remembering that All is Well. Seeing the inner light and perfect essence of our animal’s being, even in the midst of a difficult situation, allows us to fully radiate the healing power of love.

Want to learn more? Be sure to sign up for Level 1, 2 and 3 online certification courses in the Let Animals Lead® method, starting in March! CLICK HERE for more info and to sign up 🙂

This Valentine’s Day, may animals lead you to a day filled with mindfulness, strength, positivity and the power of LOVE!

Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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