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It’s a Super Charmed Life

I’m so excited to share with you my latest interview with The Super Charmed Life blog!

Charmaine, writer and editor at The Super Charmed Life, was interested in my work with SARA, Animal Reiki, and wanted to know how the pandemic has affected things for us.

Here is a short excerpt from the in-depth article she wrote:

“Probably the biggest difference during the pandemic for our SARA members is that many of us weren’t able to volunteer or get out into the community as we usually do,” Kathleen laments. “Thankfully, things are starting to open up, but we really miss being out in the shelters and sanctuaries!” But there’s good news. “Something good that SARA members have reported to me is that many shelters placed most or all of their animals in foster homes due to the lockdown measures,” she reveals. “Since foster homes are a less stressful environment for animals, this was actually a wonderful improvement for many organisations. The community support for shelter animals has really been overwhelming!”

CLICK HERE to read the rest of this article! I also share my best tips for helping animals who are stressed or anxious.

By the way, if you missed either of the special webinars this past week: “The Power of Japanese Techniques in Animal Reiki” or “Healing Gifts from Earth Animals,” please email me — you can still purchase the recording!

Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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