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Intuition and Animal Reiki

I often get questions about intuition received during Animal Reiki sessions, or what to do if an animal communicates with you during a session.

I’ve written about the differences between Animal Reiki and Animal Communication HERE, but I wanted to share a bit more with you today. First of all, not everyone receives intuition, and it’s not technically a part of what Animal Reiki is.

However, often when an animal begins to heal, there is an energetic shift, and if we’re sensitive, and if the animal has chosen to connect deeply with us, we might sense that. It might feel to some as heat or buzzing. To someone else, it may feel as if they are going into a deeper meditation. Some people may see colors or shapes in their mind’s eye. For me, intuition sometimes comes as a flash of a picture from the past with a sudden strong emotion. In the early years, when this happened, it was very disturbing to me. I wondered what, if anything, I should do with this experience. Should I share it with the animal’s people afterwards? Should I try to respond in some way to the animal?

What I’ve realized over many years of experimenting with various responses, is that when things shift and move towards healing, they often come to the surface to be released. As an empath, I might sense this as the animal lets it go. However, the best thing I can do is receive that intuition with gratitude for the connection and with compassionate acceptance of whatever it is that is being released (without worry or judgment). I imagine I can let it go like clouds floating by, and do my best to go inward again to that quiet, peaceful Animal Reiki space that is beyond words. I write about the importance of this quiet space of compassionate presence HERE.

What I don’t want to do, is to breathe new life into the ashes of the past, or the things the animal is releasing as they heal. We as humans so often get attached to the pain points of an animal’s “story,” but as we know, animals are so much more than the struggles they face. If we can look more deeply, we can see their beautiful inner spirit that is always shining brightly, always whole and perfect. To create the deepest connections and most profound healing shifts, this is the lens we should strive to see through when we share Animal Reiki sessions. Then we can rejoice when animals shift towards healing, without feeling the need to engage with interpretation and judgment.

Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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