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How to Hold Space for Animal Healing

Over the years, I’ve written a lot on the topic of holding space for animals. For me, this is a central teaching in the Let Animals Lead® method because we see ourselves as having a very passive role in the Animal Reiki relationship. Rather than focusing on “fixing” this or that problem, we must learn to go deeper and discover the healing power of presence.

The central technique we use to hold space is meditation. Animal Reiki in fact, as taught and practiced in the Let Animals Lead® method, teaches 6 powerful types of meditation! CLICK HERE to learn more.

CLICK HERE to read more about what it means to “hold space” for animals’ healing.

CLICK HERE to find out the difference between “doing” Reiki “to” an animal vs. “being” Reiki “with” them. This is a big part of the Let Animals Lead® method.

And finally, shifting our mind is key to success! CLICK HERE to find out why it’s so important that we practice our meditations every day in order to calm our busy, distracted minds.

Help your animals now with this FREE Guided Healing Space Meditation.

Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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