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How to Find Peace in Uncertain Times

I’m writing to you from Marin County, where we’ve just received a “shelter in place” order from the Sheriff’s Department. This is truly an uncertain time in our world, and no one will remain unaffected by this pandemic.

As an empath, I find it more difficult than most to be around community anxiety and panic. I tried to go out to get some supplies today, but after seeing the crowded streets and road rage everywhere, I turned around and went home, sweet home! Although this is a challenging time, I know it’s also an opportunity to bring our Animal Reiki practice to the forefront in order to make a difference in our world, right now. Luckily, this is something we can do energetically, while still practicing social distancing and home isolation. Now is the time for Animal Reiki practitioners to hold space for others who are fearful and anxious. We know that when the human family is anxious, their animals feel that anxiety and it spreads to them as well. We can hold a space of light and love to help others remember that together, and with compassion in our hearts, we will get through this with grace and strength. [bctt tweet=”Now is the time for Animal Reiki practitioners to hold space for others who are fearful and anxious.” username=”ARS_animalreiki”]

Now is the time for us to be mindful of the Reiki precept, “for today only, do not worry.” There is worry all around us, and yet we can help to transform it through our practice. I’ve created a special video meditation for you: The Lion, Courage and Wisdom Meditation. As usual, I always turn to animals when I need strength and inspiration. In this meditation, I ask for the courage and wisdom of lion to help us remember how strong we are. If we can face our fears, we can break through them into a place of empowerment and positivity. Even in uncertain and challenging moments, we can find peace and wholeness if we dig deep enough. CLICK HERE to access this guided meditation to help you create a peaceful space for yourself, for your animals and for the people in your community. Just as fear is contagious, practicing peace is also transmissible, and ripples out powerfully into the universe.

Want more guided meditations and teachings to get you through? Take a break from watching the news to listen to something positive and inspiring! One of my favorite audio courses dedicated to working with the Reiki precepts and our animals in order to create more peace, courage, joy and compassion in our lives is my Heal Yourself, Heal Your Animals. The lessons and guided meditations are timely and perfect to help you create a space of health and wellness around you right now! CLICK HERE to listen to the first lesson, “Healing Illness with the Help of Animals and Meditation” for free.

Be safe, be well and, and may you be surrounded by love, light and animals.

Kathleen Prasad
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