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How Reiki Heals Anger at Animal Cruelty

When we get angry, sometimes we’re not aware of it. So when we become aware that we’re angry, this is a really good first step in getting better and feeling better about it. When we realize we’re angry, then it’s easier for us to actually look at the anger. Then we begin to see, you know what? I only have so much emotional energy in the day. What am I going to spend it on? Am I going to spend it on this anger? Or am I going to spend it on helping this sweet, darling little animal that needs me? So we can start to make a choice about how we’re going to spend our emotional energy when we’re actually conscious of what that energy is. So I think you’re already a step towards letting it go, so I think that’s really wonderful.

The second thing that I would say is, one of the things I really love about the practice of Reiki is it helps us to look deeper than the surface of things. So we begin to look with our Reiki eyes. Lily is very good at looking with her Reiki eyes, even though she doesn’t have physical eyes, she looks with her Reiki eyes which means she looks with her heart.

The practices of meditation that we learn in Reiki help us to let go of the physical, the surface, where we might only see what’s wrong with an animal, what’s wrong with the situation, what’s wrong with a person. We look deeper and we can see underneath to the beautiful, shining light that is the true essence of this animal. This light is always perfect, even when the animal faces a really terrible situation or a physical challenge or has suffered past trauma. Reiki reminds us that it never changes: that beautiful, bright light inside.

So the best thing we can do about anger is to keep meditating with Reiki. Meditate every single day and invite your animals to help you. They’re great meditation partners.

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