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Holding Space with the Let Animals Lead® Method

The Let Animals Lead® method is unique in its simple yet profound intention to “hold space” for animals and their caregivers. We are not “animal healers,” but rather Reiki practitioners who focus on the meditative teachings of Reiki as powerful support for animals to self-heal. Animals are drawn to the meditative space, and very sensitive and responsive to this space of compassionate connection.

[bctt tweet=”We are not animal healers, but rather Reiki practitioners who focus on the meditative teachings of Reiki as powerful support for animals to self-heal.” username=”ARS_animalreiki”]

The Let Animals Lead® method teaches its practitioners 4 qualities to nurture while holding space:

1) SAFETY: We practice letting go of expectations about what “should” happen during and after the session. In this way we are inviting the animal to feel safe to lead the way forward. In order to further create conditions of safety, security and trust with the animal, we do not focus on human-based protocol such as specific hand positions.

2) POSITIVITY: We remember to see with our “Reiki eyes,” in other words to see the perfection of the animal’s inner essence and spirit in this moment. No disease, no trauma, no injury can ever diminish this perfect light. This positive state of mind goes hand in hand with letting go of the animal’s ailments and/or issues (rather than focusing on what is “wrong”).

3) ACCEPTANCE: We relax into this present moment with peacefulness, accepting it just as it is. By being able to accept whatever is happening for the animal, even if they are in discomfort, fear or pain, we remind them that we are here for them now, whatever this moment looks like. Our peaceful acceptance of what “is,” is a powerful reminder to the animal that “All is well.”

4) HONORING: We remember that animals are our spiritual teachers, and this sense of honoring their gifts and uniqueness brings a deep quality of gratitude and humility to each and every moment of connection.

Want to learn how to hold space for animals? CLICK HERE for an introductory course that will teach you the principles, ethics and foundation of this ethical and effective method for supporting animals when they need you the most. Want a deeper dive into this method? The next session of the Animal Reiki Workshop is just around the corner! CLICK HERE to sign up!

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