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Help me Celebrate My Latest Book Release with a Virtual Party!

I sure could use a reason to celebrate, how about you? SARA’s throwing a party to launch my brand new book:

The Let Animals Lead® Method of Animal Reiki Meditation Journal

Date: Monday, June 29, 2020 Time: 5:30pm Pacific time Place: Zoom (from the comfort of your own home!)

Invite your friends and bring your own sparkling drink so we can toast the launch together!

My life’s mission is to bring peace and light to animals and the people who love them. This book is, in my opinion, my best yet because it is the most interactive and helps you to actively co-create your healing journey with your animal partners!

At the party, you’ll hear real-life stories of people’s and animals’ lives who have been transformed through this meditation method. I’ll share ways to use the book to support health and wellbeing. I’ll also answer submitted questions from participants. We’ll do a healing meditation together to bless the book as it launches out into the world!

And best of all, guests to my party get a special link right after our party to buy advance copies of the book (for just 24 hours) at a reduced price! The book will officially be launched Wednesday morning, but party-goers get advanced access!

What the world needs now is a path towards love, light, peace and compassion, and this journal will show you how to find your way with the help of your animals!


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