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Get inspired by the gratitude and reverence of animals

Animals are capable of so much more than humankind often gives them credit for. Things like intelligence. Love. A moral compass. And even gratitude and reverence.

A few months ago, I talked more about this in my article on the four truths of animal sentience. What’s so amazing is that as we continue to witness animals’ very real range of emotions in the wild, we can choose to learn from them, to be inspired by their heartful, compassionate souls.

When animals are rescued, for instance, they often give big, loving “thank yous” to their rescuers. Here are just a few examples of animals showing gratitude (be prepared to smile!):

  1. The pit bull who just can’t stop smiling after being adopted from a shelter:

Meet Meatball: The Pit bull mix that can’t stop smiling: — ABC7News (@ABC7News) September 1, 2016

  1. The whale who danced beside her rescuers’ boat after being freed from an entanglement:

  1. The crows who come back every year to show gratitude to the rescuers who saved them as babies.

  2. The owl who stretched her wings out to hug her rescuer (who is also known as the “birds of prey whisperer”).

Gratitude is just one example. What about reverence and respect for others, which so often seems lacking in our society today? Again, if we look to the animals, we can find inspiration:

  1. The lion who surprisingly saved a calf from being attacked.

  2. The cats and rats who decided to be friends instead of enemies (I love the snuggle pictures!).

  1. The dolphins who saved a seal pup in distress.

  2. The hippo who saved a baby zebra.

What if you could be more receptive to the gifts and wisdom of the animals? What if you could learn how to heal together? It’s possible—by connecting with Reiki to transform both your life and your relationship with animals. I can show you how in my brand-new, six-week webinar course, Heart to Heart Animal Reiki: Essential Keys for Transformation, which starts October 12. Topics to be covered include: how to face healing challenges with gratitude and reverence, the secret to seeing with your heart, and the best ways to bring Reiki healing into every aspect of your life. Make sure to grab your spot today!

Have you witnessed an animal showing gratitude or reverence? Share your story here.

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