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Diving into Reiki with Nathalie Jaspar…and Me

Happy Spring everyone!

Today, I’m super excited to introduce you to a kindred spirit in my Reiki world, Nathalie Jaspar.

I was so excited to get to know Nathalie through speaking with her for her show, “Dive into Reiki.”

Author, artist and Reiki Teacher Nathalie Jaspar

Nathalie is a Reiki teacher, trained in three different lineages, and also traveled to Japan to learn more about the origins of Reiki through studying Zen Buddhism.

Nathalie is also a talented artist and author of two Reiki books: Reiki as a Spiritual Practice: An Illustrated Guide and Reiki Healing Handbook.

Check out Nathalie’s podcast with me HERE.

Want to know what we talked about? Here’s what to expect:

(Click the timestamps to go to each section)

0 – 4:00: how I first found Reiki

4:00 – 12:00: How I trained in Reiki and having a “breakthrough” about Animal Reiki

12:00 -27:00: Evolving away from “hands on, Reiki on” to a “hands-off unless animals choose physical contact” protocol

27:00 – 37:00: My big “aha” moment and fixing my biggest mistake with animals

37:00 – 52:00 : Explaining the 6 pillars of the Let Animals Lead® method

52:00 – 1:01:00: My life-changing Reiki with snakes experience

1:01:01 -1:06:14 : Reiki as compassion and how to help rescued animals with Reiki

1:06:15 – 1:09:15: Nathalie’s beautiful artwork she created for me and how to keep in touch! This artwork will be part of a new book she is working on (so exciting!).

I’m so happy to have created a new Reiki friendship with such a talented, lovely Reiki practitioner and teacher in the world and encourage all of you to follow Nathalie’s podcast as she continues to interview many thought leaders in the world of Reiki. You can find more about Nathalie at her website HERE.

I hope you find the information shared is inspiring and supportive of your own journey with your animal teachers and healers.

Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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