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Celebrating the Year of the Goat at Chenoa Manor Farm Sanctuary

Updated: Jan 13

Tomorrow marks the Year of the Goat (also known as the Year of the Sheep or the Year of the Ram, depending on whom you ask)! What better way to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year than to prepare for my trip in May to the Chenoa Manor Farm Sanctuary in Pennsylvania? They have so many cute goats and sheep there! I’ll be teaching two classes and giving an evening talk and healing circle at Chenoa May 28-31; please join us if you can. (More details here.)

Chenoa Manor Farm Sanctuary does such wonderful work; I can’t wait to work with the animals. Here are some fun facts about this amazing nonprofit sanctuary:

ABOUT THE animals at Chenoa: Many of the animals at Chenoa have been rescued from factory farms and laboratories. Abused, neglected and some even readied for slaughter—the animals at Chenoa are lucky to have found their “forever home” and are free to live the rest of their lives in peace, dignity and safety.

BASED IN: Avondale, Pennsylvania

MEANING OF “Chenoa”: a Native American term that means “white dove”

WHAT’S SPECIAL about Chenoa: The holistic farm sanctuary encourages a plant-based lifestyle and works to end violence through humane education. And yes, this sanctuary is open to Reiki! It offers a youth program that pairs high school kids with animals and works to instill in teens compassion, a love of animals, patience and other qualities in the hopes that “those same qualities may be carried over to the teen’s relationships with other individuals.”

SIZE OF the sanctuary: 25 acres (some might say small, but their work is powerful!)

NUMBER OF animals at the sanctuary: More than 200 bunnies, sheep, goats, pigs, cows, chickens, horses, doves, turkeys and more. To help them, please donate here.

TRAVEL TIP: Visitors are welcomed! So if you find yourself in the area, please stop by Chenoa to see the animals, learn about its mission and meet some of the dedicated volunteers. Click here for more info on farm tours and private visits.

WORTH NOTING: Domestic animals are not accepted into the sanctuary.

{Photos in slideshow © Chenoa Manor Farm Sanctuary}

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