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Buffalo Blessings

I’m so glad you’re here, dear Ones. I know it’s tough right now in the world, and a very uncertain time for all of us.

It’s easy to give into feelings of powerlessness and imagine that we are all alone. But this week, I’ve created a special video to help turn your mind and heart to the positive.

CLICK HERE for the Buffalo Blessings Animal Reiki meditation. I hope your animals enjoy sharing these blessings with you!

Buffalo energy is strong and grounded, and helps us remember our center and stable foundation in the earth. Remembering our connectedness in this life helps us become more present.

When we open ourselves fully to this present moment, we more easily remember the abundant blessings of life in this moment. This also supports our own animals, who can step into and share this peaceful, balanced space with us for healing.

Throughout history, spiritual seekers have honored and connected with animal wisdom and the gifts of their energy. For example, have you heard the legend of the white buffalo? I explore this legend and the many gifts of buffalo wisdom in week 2 of my 6-part Animals and the Elements course.

This special audio course explores the healing gifts of the energy of not only buffalo, but also bear, dolphin, black leopard, butterfly and deer. You’ll learn how each of these animals connect with an elemental energy, how to meditate with them and how to receive their wisdom and healing in your life.

If you want to explore the ways animal energy can heal us in the meditation space, as well as the ways we can heal animals by radiating peace and compassion, this course is for you!

Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way!


Kathleen Prasad
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