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Are You an Animal Reiki Changemaker?

It’s easy to be an Animal Reiki Changemaker!

  1. Do you have a deep compassion for animals and a strong desire to make the world better for them?

  2. Are you ready to tackle this mission through the creative and powerful methods you’ve learned through your Let Animals Lead® method Animal Reiki practice?

  3. Are you unshakeable in your determination to help others understand the compassion and peace of Animal Reiki, so more animals will have access to the gentle, healing benefits of this practice?

  4. Are you committed to building long-lasting, supportive relationships with animal lovers and animal organizations in your local community?

  5. And finally, do you believe in the power of the group to create lasting change, and so seek out ways to build friendships and partnerships with your fellow Animal Reiki practitioners and teachers?

If you’ve answered yes to most or all of these questions, you are an Animal Reiki Changemaker! According to Macmillan’s online dictionary, a changemaker is “someone whose job or role is to bring about change in an institution or society.” In our Let Animals Lead® community, we are not only changemakers for the way society views Animal Reiki as a powerful, effective method for deep relaxation and stress-relief that promotes healing, we are also changemakers in the world of Animal Reiki, because we seek to bring a change to the way Reiki is used with animals.

Through empowering animals to lead each Animal Reiki session, Animal Reiki Changemakers acknowledge and respect each animal’s agency, choice, freedom, and wisdom to lead their own healing process.

The idea of empowering animals to have choice and respect is gaining traction in many other areas of animal welfare, such as training, grooming, fear-free methods in veterinary exams, and more. Kathleen Prasad

One of the ways our Let Animals Lead® community and myself create change for animals is through my nonprofit SARA (Shelter Animals Reiki Association). Thanks to so many of you, in response to last week’s request for donations to SARA, we raised $1035 in one week!

Thank you all so much for your kindness and generosity. Thanks to you, we can do more to bring Animal Reiki to the animals who need it most! Haven’t donated yet? CLICK HERE and help SARA help more animals 🙂 Or better yet, JOIN US as a Practitioner or Community Supporter and be a part of our team of changemakers!

I’ve got 3 ways to help inspire YOU in your journey to becoming a Changemaker!

This Animal Reiki Changemakers course package will help you to:

  1. connect with the Japanese aspects of Animal Reiki;

  2. learn ways to transcend illness, injury, and disease to be calmer and more present for your beloved animals; and

  3. learn how to get the most benefit out of meditation for you and your animals.

CLICK HERE to read more.

This interview with the vets of HA! (the Holistic Actions Network) was a lovely way to connect with changemakers in animal health and teach them how to cultivate calm in emergency situations using Animal Reiki.

HA! is a wonderful organization dedicated to the holistic treatment of animals and it’s a fantastic resource for any animal owner who wants to learn more about holistic ways to help your furry (and maybe not-so-furry) friends!

CLICK HERE to learn more or join HA!

I always LOVE it when I get a chance to speak to others about ways we can be of greater service to animals! This interview with Lena Spiritwalker (an animal communicator) was a wonderful opportunity to exchange knowledge and promote animal advocacy and healing through peaceful methods such as Reiki meditations. Lena is truly an Animal Reiki Changemaker. Enjoy!

CLICK HERE to watch!

If you’re interested in Animal Reiki and the Let Animals Lead® method, please feel free to check out my Animal Reiki Source® Academy courses or any of my Animal Reiki books! Or, if you have questions about Animal Reiki and what it can do for you, let’s chat!

Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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