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An easy meditation for achieving Reiki mindfulness

These days, with our busy, multitasking lives and so many distractions in the media pulling our attention toward worry, there’s no better time than right now to harness the healing power of Reiki presence in your life.

You’ve probably heard a lot about the calming and balancing power of presence, or “mindfulness,” in the news, but did you know that Reiki meditation can bring us those same benefits? And even better, sharing our meditations with nature and animals can even enhance them!

I’ve been an enthusiastic Reiki meditator for many years, and here are some of my favorite places to practice the pure, sweet power of my body, mind and spirit converging in this very moment:

  1. While taking a dog for a walk.

  2. In a pasture with a horse.

  3. In a shelter with cats and dogs.

  4. In a zoo with the animals.

  5. In a park surrounded by birds, squirrels and other wild ones.

  6. Stargazing with bats and other night creatures.

  7. On a boat with dolphins, turtles, whales and other creatures of the sea.

Ready to bring the power of healing into your life right now? Try this easy meditation with your animals or next time you’re out in nature. No matter where you are, or what challenges this moment brings, it’s not so difficult to shift your thoughts back to a positive space—and once your thoughts shift, your body is soon to follow!

Meditation: “All is well” Sit, stand or walk with your animal or in nature. Breathe deeply a few times and set your intent to be fully present in this moment. Take 10 breaths, and on each in-breath, feel the earth energy coming up into your heart. On each out-breath, release any emotions, fears or worries you may feel inside you. With each successive breath, feel more and more stillness and stability within you. Once you have completed the 10 breaths, allow yourself to sit for several minutes in the space of earth energy and stability that you have created with your breath. Allow yourself to connect with your five senses to the environment and animals around you. Once you feel yourself fully calm and stable, bring your focus to your connection to the animal (or animals) in this present moment. Allow yourself to think about this moment and the shared experience you are having with the animal (and nature) for which you are grateful. Focus on the inner light and essence that is your and the animal’s true being. That light is filled with gratitude for life in this moment. Imagine that your heart can expand out of your body, creating a beautiful state of gratitude all around you. Say these words with your mind and heart: “Thank you. Thank you. All is well.” Simply invite the animal to share this space with you. Imagine that within this heart space, all is perfectly balanced. Feel gratitude enveloping both you and your animal. It is as it is, and all is well. Let go of your expectations (along with any worries about what needs to be healed) and continue to breathe the calm and strength of earth energy into your heart as you share this space of gratitude with your animal for as long as you like. For many more Reiki meditations, check out Everything Animal Reiki, available on Amazon.
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