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A Week’s Worth of WARD Celebrations!

If you believe animals are teachers and healers in your life, and you want to celebrate all they bring to your life, we’d love you to celebrate World Animal Reiki Day with celebrations all week next week! SARA members are hosting wonderful online events and I hope you can join one or many of them! Click the photos below to RSVP or for more information to join or donate.

Want to create your own celebration?

On February 5, take some time to appreciate the special animals in your life by:

  1. spending time meditating with them

  2. lighting a candle to honor the gifts animals have given your throughout your life

  3. doing a compassionate act for your local shelter or sanctuary

On Feb 5, I’ll be spending special time with my horse Kodiak and dog Vincent, and remembering all the animals who have shared their incredible gifts with me in my life. I’ll be hosting a special event for my community on Tuesday, Feb. 2 (see below for more details).

Help unite the world Animal Reiki community by sharing your thoughts, messages and pictures of your celebration of World Animal Reiki Day all next week on the SARA Facebook page.

For Twitter: #WorldAnimalReikiDay and #WARD2021 and tag SARA @SARA_news.

For Instagram: Tag @shelteranimalreiki

Stay safe, be well, and may the animals light your way,

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