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A special meditation for the animals of Nepal

I want to take a few moments today to offer my thoughts and blessings to the people and animals affected by the recent earthquake in Nepal. Being so far away from the disaster, it’s easy to feel helpless during tragic times like these. But there are things we can do, however small.

Making a donation to a charity is one way to help. This article in The Dodo lists a number of animal organizations as those working hard to bring food, veterinary care and shelter to the animals hurt by this disaster, including: Humane Society International, Animal Nepal, World Animal Protection and International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Another way that I’ve chosen to help is to offer this special meditation of peace and healing for the animals (and their people) affected by this disaster. Meditation is always something I can grab onto, no matter how down I feel. I hope it helps you, too.

Healing Meditation for the Animals of Nepal (and Their People)

Find a comfortable place to sit, with your beloved animal at your side if you wish.  Place your hands, palms together, in front of your heart, and dedicate this practice to all the animals of Nepal and their people. Then rest your hands on your lap or on your animal. If your animal is close to you, he/she may want to support you in this meditation.

Close your eyes as you breathe. As you inhale, imagine the breath as a beautiful healing light flowing up from the earth and through your body to your heart. On the exhale, imagine your heart as a bright light that expands to fill your whole being and then out into the universe. Inhale strength from the earth into your heart; exhale the bright light of your heart into the universe.

Continue this breath at your own pace for 10 repetitions. Then allow your breath to return to normal and breathe gently.

Turn your mind toward the animals of Nepal and their people. Feel the light at your heart shining so brightly. Repeat in your mind, “May you be free of suffering. May your heart feel peaceful. May you be healed. Know that you are loved.” Continue to repeat these words in your mind for several minutes as you feel them radiating out.

Imagine the light of your heart shines so brightly that it can reach all animals and people in need. Your light is so bright that any darkness or suffering disappears. If you feel distracting thoughts, imagine they are clouds just floating by. Don’t chase them; let them come, and let them go.

When you are ready, set your intention to finish, take a nice, deep breath and slowly open your eyes.

Do you have any additional thoughts on how we can help the victims of the Nepal quake?

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