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7 Steps To Honor Animals With the Let Animals Lead® Method

Animals are sensitive, enlightened spiritual beings who teach through their presence and simply by being in the world. They have so much to show us about healing, if we only remember to listen when we offer Reiki. An open-minded, open-hearted approach will always build trust and confidence in animals. Remember these 7 steps to create respectful and honorable Animal Reiki relationships with animals:

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#1 Intent: The way we set our intent before and during a Reiki session can determine how open an animal will be to connecting with us. Think in terms of “sharing,” “inviting into” or “offering” a peaceful and healing space, rather than “sending” energy.

#2 Touch: In order to make sure it is the animal’s preference, never initiate physical contact with the animal. Remember, Reiki does not require touch in order to be effective, and as I like to say, “Reiki is about touching hearts, not hands.”

#3 Movement: Embrace the animal’s movement during the session. The most important thing is that the animal is comfortable and free to move closer and farther away from you. Movement is a great way to allow animals to show their preferences during Reiki.

#4 Focus: Animals are very sensitive to our thoughts. If we focus on what is “wrong” with the animal, this can create discomfort and a resistance to the Reiki connection. Instead, remember to focus on the bright, inner light of the animal’s spirit. I write about this in my book Healing Virtues and call this “seeing with our Reiki eyes.” That inner light is always perfect and beautiful. Keep your mind focused and peaceful through the meditative practice.

#5 Body Language: Animals are very sensitive to our physical presence. For this reason it’s important that we pay attention to how our presence is affecting them. One technique I write about in my book Heart To Heart With Horses is mirroring. If an animal steps towards me, I will move towards them. If they move away, I’ll also take a step back. For fearful animals, facing sideways or completely away from the animal during sessions can build trust.

#6 Release Expectations: Animals can sense when we are thinking about how we wish they would behave during the session, what healing outcome we long for, or if we concern ourselves with the expectations of the humans around us. All of this can feel like mental and emotional clutter to animals and can cause them to decide not to connect with us. Begin each treatment anew; allow the animal to take charge of the session and embrace their lead.

#7 Gratitude: At the end of every Reiki session, I say, “Thank you,” to the animals who shared the space with me. I also give thanks for however things unfolded during the session. And I remember that however the animals chose to connect was just perfect.

Want to take a deep dive into these 7 steps with photo and video examples from the field to inspire you? CLICK HERE for the online video course, “Animals Should Always Lead Reiki.”

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