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6 animal charities helping to mainstream Reiki

With Reiki increasingly gaining acceptance—not just in the U.S. but across the world—I’m seeing more and more animal organizations not just accepting Reiki, but loving the holistic modality and making a concerted effort to share Reiki with their animals. This is a dream come true for me: I co-founded the nonprofit SARA (Shelter Animal Reiki Association) with the goal of rolling out animal Reiki programs into communities globally. To see animal Reiki being embraced on a wider scale is truly incredible!

Have you been wanting to pioneer an animal Reiki program in your local shelter, or expand an existing one? For inspiration, check out the following amazing SARA-affiliated animal organizations that are embracing Reiki. (Visit their websites for more information and to learn how you can help them.) The more people and organizations that follow in their footsteps, the more animals that can be helped:

1. Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, a five-acre vegan sanctuary in Colombia and a SARA shelter, is the only animal organization in South America that offers Reiki services. Founded on the principle of “spiritual equality for all beings,” Juliana’s now cares for more than 70 animals. Your donation can help Juliana raise money for a new, larger farm.

2. Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Scio, Oregon, believes that “every individual has a right to freedom”—and by “individual” they mean animals. The sanctuary advocates for compassionate living, something that really resonates with me.

3. Over at Central Vermont Humane Society, dog trainer Rachael Beuchler serves on the board of directors and has spent seven years helping the animals there, including bringing a SARA Reiki program into the organization. The shelter rescues cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs and helps them find new homes.

4. BrightHaven holistic animal sanctuary and hospice in Sebastopol, California, where I’ve taught my Reiki classes for many years, embraces natural medicine and has incorporated Reiki into the daily lives of the animals. BrightHaven especially relies on Reiki to help dying animals in transition.

5. The CARE Foundation, in Apopka, Florida, is home to more than 200 exotic animals, including bears, monkeys and big cats. I teach Reiki classes here every year—check my calendar for more info on my February 24-26 Reiki classes here.

6. Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary, a SARA sanctuary in Essex, England, helps abused and neglected horses, donkeys, sheep and more to thrive well in their golden years, giving them a lifetime home. And because Remus embraces holistic care, Reiki is used right alongside traditional therapies.

I travel around as much as I can to familiarize sanctuaries and shelters with the idea of Reiki. Here’s a news video featuring me teaching Reiki at Animal Haven Shelter in New York City (skip to 21:40 for the segment on animal Reiki):

And here’s a look at SARA’s work in Canada:

I hope that one day, all shelter and sanctuary animals can benefit from the beauty and wisdom of Reiki.

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