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5 Core Values Animal Reiki Practitioners Should Live By

Formal meditation practice is just the beginning of our Animal Reiki practice. The true purpose of Animal Reiki is living a kinder life. How can we progress on this journey towards living fully with loving kindness and compassion for all creatures? Try spending some time contemplating the following five core values and their relation to your Animal Reiki practice. We’ll find our best success with animals if we actively cultivate these qualities, not just within our meditations with animals, but also beyond!

Stillness: It’s important to meet the animals where they are—to slow down to be on their time rather than trying to rush the healing process or fit the Animal Reiki session into a busy day and then get impatient looking for immediate healing results. “Animal Reiki time” with your animal is a time to stop all “doing” and just “be.” We cultivate awareness and presence when we slow down and learn to just be still with our animals. Stillness opens the doors to our hearts so that we can be present with loving-kindness for our animals. We can radiate this loving kindness not only in our quiet Animal Reiki meditation time, but the more we practice, the easier it becomes to slow down and appreciate being with our animals each and every moment. [bctt tweet=”We cultivate awareness and presence when we slow down and learn to just be still with our animals.” username=”ARS_animalreiki”]

Positivity: I call this seeing with your “Reiki eyes.” What this means is that you look past the outer physical or emotional problem and see more deeply into the animal’s inner essence, light or spirit. When we focus on this most important part of animals, we realize that they are perfectly whole in this very moment. Seeing the perfection of their spirit even amidst physical or emotional struggle or suffering will create a resonance and strength in your vibration that animals are drawn to. By seeing through our Reiki eyes we can become a mirror, reflecting back to them their own inner strength and healing potential. At first this is much easier to do within the context of an Animal Reiki meditation, but in time it will become easier and easier to see with positive eyes each and every moment we are with them!

Flexibility: This is about letting go of expectations and dealing positively with obstacles. When we remember to Let Animals Lead® each Animal Reiki session, it may not go as expected; but by embracing the uniqueness of each animal and each session, our energy will become more relaxed and open, which will attract animals to us. The more flexible we are, the more we’ll be able to face obstacles with creativity, positivity, and an open mind and heart. More flexibility within the context of our Animal Reiki sessions will help us expand this flexibility into other areas of our life with animals. Even when facing difficult circumstances, by practicing flexibility, we’ll be able problem solve more easily, which will deepen trust, bonding and improve our relationships with animals and others in our lives.

Gratitude: Sometimes we want so much to help our animals—when we see that they are feeling worried or if we see they are suffering from illness or perhaps a trauma from their past. It can be very difficult to let go of anger and worry and find gratitude at such moments. Through daily meditation practice, we’ll be strengthening our stillness, positivity, and flexibility. The outcome of this formal practice is a powerful shift in our inner being into a space of gratitude. Once we shift our own inner space, it will create and send a profoundly healing ripple effect out to the animals. It’s important to always finish every Animal Reiki session in this space of gratitude. As we set our intention to finish, we should always thank the animal for his or her participation and connection. However an animal chooses to receive the session is just perfect. The more we practice this gratitude within Animal Reiki sessions, the more often we’ll find ourselves giving thanks for our animals in our daily lives with them.

Humility: At first we might think practicing Animal Reiki is a way of “giving” something “to” our animals, but with continued practice we realize it is actually a way of learning how to “be” with them in the world—in both happy and difficult moments—in ways that are balanced, peaceful, and full of love. Learning to let go of the “doing” and embrace the power of human “being,” will open our eyes to the gifts our animals bring to our lives and to this world. When we can see animals as the profound spiritual teachers they truly are, life will transform for us in beautiful ways! We’ll realize we are just students of nature and the ancient wisdom animals hold. With this understanding comes humility and with humility comes the motivation to make kinder, healthier decisions for ourselves, for our loved ones and for the planet.

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