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5 Animal Reiki Steps to Finding the Light in Darkness

“Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.” ~ Helen Keller

Hello Animal Reiki friends, thanks for being here with me today. These are tough times, and it seems that each day brings with it more challenges, doesn’t it? I want to remind you that your Animal Reiki practice can help you create light in the darkness, right now. Here are 5 easy and actionable steps to do this and change our world for the better!

  1. Acknowledge your distress, and remember the Reiki precept, “Show compassion to yourself (and others).” It’s so important never to deny your emotions, whatever they are. Tune in, listen and be present with your feelings. We must first accept ourselves in the midst of our struggles, so that we can uncover our strengths and eventually heal. CLICK HERE to learn “How to Be Kinder To Yourself.”

Practice Tip: Sit quietly near your animals and ask them to support you if they wish. Place your hands over your heart with the intention to give yourself love, care and kindness. Add the affirmation, “Just for today, I am doing my best.”

  1. Limit the negativity you bring into your mind from what you read and watch. Take time to balance the negative by reading more stories and watching more videos that hold messages of hope and healing. According to science, the magic ratio is 5 to 1 (5 positive interactions needed to balance every negative interaction). Balance brings contentment. For more on this magic ratio, CLICK HERE.

Practice Tip: Remember the Reiki precepts to let go of anger and worry. Take a moment to sit quietly and notice the places in your body and mind where the anger and worry are affecting you. As you inhale, imagine your breath as a pure, healing light that infuses these places with well-being and comfort. As you exhale, all anger and worry can dissipate with love into the universe. Invite your animals to share this space of peacefulness, and add the affirmation, “All is well.”

  1. Focus on your blessings, and remember the Reiki precept, “Be grateful.” This will help you nurture the light within. Check out, “How Gratitude Changes Your Brain.”

Practice Tip: Write at the top of a piece of paper, “Things I am grateful for.” Take a few moments to bring your animals to your mind and heart and focus on all the gifts and special moments they have brought to your life. Think of all the joy you have shared together. Now, take 10 minutes to just write these blessings down. Don’t censor yourself or worry about grammar or spelling, just write from your heart.

  1. Take time to relax, and remember to breathe. This will help you ground yourself.

Practice Tip: Sometimes when we feel stress, we try to fill every moment with a million tasks so that we distract ourselves. Now is the time to stop, breathe and relax with your animals. Sit or stand near your animal and invite them to share the space with you. Bring your mind to the breath, focusing on the air as it naturally moves from the inhale to the exhale. Now bring your mind to your lower belly and imagine that each breath fills your entire body with peaceful light. With each exhale, imagine this light can expand gently into the space around you, creating a bubble of peace and light. Add the affirmation, “I feel peace in this moment.” Keep your focus on the breath and light, and see how your animals respond!

CLICK HERE for my free Healing Space Meditation.

  1. Bring to life the Reiki precept, “Be kind to others.” This will open your heart to an awareness of abundance and compassion. Doing good, does you good! Check out how “In Helping Others You Help Yourself.”

Practice Tip: Who are the animals and people in your life who are feeling down, struggling or could use your support? What if each time you interact with someone, you can bring a little more light to the world? With kindness, you can! Bring your focus to this possibility and find ways to help someone else today. Acts of kindness and care, big and small, will change our world for the better!


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