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4 secrets to mindfulness animals want us to know

One of my favorite things about sanctuary animals is their incredible ability to live in the moment. No matter their past, no matter their physical ailments—these special creatures understand innately how to embrace love, mindfulness and spirituality.

I see it time and again when I sit with animals at a sanctuary or shelter and share Reiki. And when I listen close, they have much to teach. In fact, it’s almost as if they want us to learn the ancient wisdom of finding happiness.

The following videos feature actual animals I’ve worked with over the years. Each one illustrates a powerful lesson about finding contentment—not through external gratification, but rather within the present life moment before us.

Gracie the pig: Every moment has the potential for joy.

Before Gracie found her way to BrightHaven holistic animal sanctuary and hospice in Sebastopol, California, she was found by the side of the road. Rescuers theorize she probably fell off a truck. Because she was too young to be away from her mother, Gracie had to be bottle-fed and raised indoors. Today, the happy pig now lives outside with her best friend, Boots (another pig), and loves life and people!

The tigers of The C.A.R.E. Foundation: Always remember to make time to play!

Mixed-breed tigers like Tyrian and Danarus often have a tough life: They’re not wanted by zoos and have nowhere else to go. Now these two have found companionship, safety and love at The C.A.R.E. Foundation exotic animal sanctuary in Apopka, Florida.

Rescue cats Johnny and Thomas: Be sure to take care of each other.

Johnny and Thomas of BrightHaven are both FIV, so without BrightHaven stepping in to take them, they would have a very uncertain future. Now they are besties and loving life at BrightHaven—Johnny is coming out of his shell and getting more courage each day, and Thomas loves helping anyone who’s having a bad day. And both love to teach students about Reiki, too!

The sheep of Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary: Find your peace in this moment.

Most sheep in England don’t live a life of leisure, filled with kind human caregivers, but this sheep is lucky: She lives at Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary in the UK. Things get very exciting at feeding time, but the rest of the day, she has time to relax and ponder the goodness of life.

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