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4 Irish animal organizations to support this St. Patrick’s Day

Friday is St. Patrick’s Day—a fun day that always reminds me of my Irish ancestry. Though I haven’t seen the Emerald Isle yet, I hope one day to visit its famed castles, museums and—of course—its shelters and sanctuaries! Here are four inspiring organizations dedicated to helping make animals’ lives better. This St. Patrick’s Day, consider supporting one of the following (even a small donation helps!):

Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary

Eden promotes “liberty, equality, veganism.” About 100 rescued farm animals now live in peace at this sanctuary, which started in 2008. In addition to rescuing animals from farms, Eden is committed to spreading the word about veganism; its inspiring Go Vegan World advertising campaign uses billboards and TV ads to challenge people to reconsider their use and acceptance of animal products. See Eden’s beautiful farm and animals here:


Similar to the SPCA (but not affiliated with it), the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, formed in 1949, works to “promote animal welfare, prevent cruelty to animals and relieve animal suffering.” As Ireland’s leading animal welfare charity, ISPCA fields more than 16,000 calls to its help line each year and, along with 20 affiliated member societies, helps to treat and rehome tens of thousands of animals. Learn more about the ISPCA here:

Irish Horse Welfare Trust

The IHWT, started in 1999, cares for 70-80 horses and ponies on 68 rolling acres. Their mission is to “take into care, rehabilitate and retrain where possible, neglected, abused or unwanted horses and ponies for the purpose of rehoming them and to educate the public in order to prevent neglect or abuse of any equine.” IHWT also promotes a future for ex-racehorses by retraining them in equestrianism. Learn more about their work in this video:

National Exotic Animal Sanctuary

NEAS, Ireland’s only exotic animal sanctuary, helps neglected and unwanted animals such as parrots, monkeys, tarantulas, crocodiles, bats, bearded dragons, pythons and snapper turtles (just to name a few). Abandoned horses are helped as well. NEAS’ 22-acre facility is currently raising money to support additional stables and an extension of its wildlife hospital.

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