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10 smart ways to “save the planet in four words”

Last week, the hashtag #SaveThePlanetIn4Words was trending on Twitter—and the Twitterverse came up with so many wonderful, insightful and often hilarious ideas! It got me thinking: What four words would I choose to save the planet? Here’s what I came up with:

Compassion for All Beings #SaveThePlanetIn4Words — Kathleen Prasad (@ARS_animalreiki) September 24, 2015

I truly believe this world would be a better place if we all lived with compassion for all beings. Here are 10 more smart tweets that warmed my heart:

1. Because the Arctic is one of the world’s last pristine ecosystems, and because polar bears, walruses and other animals call it home:

Stop Arctic oil drilling. #SaveThePlanetIn4Words — Greenpeace USA (@greenpeaceusa) September 24, 2015

2. Because elephants face an uncertain future:

3. Because the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is big enough:

4. Because it saves water and trees (and animals’ lives):

Eat less meat everyday. #SaveThePlanetIn4Words — Aryenish Birdie (@AryenishBirdie) September 24, 2015

5. Because it’s good for your health, too:

Walk instead. Bike instead. #SaveThePlanetIn4Words — Bike Metro LA County (@BikeMetro) September 24, 2015

6. Because 750 million people worldwide lack access to it, and because clean water can help to lessen hunger, illiteracy and poverty:

#SaveThePlanetIn4Words Everyone Deserves Clean Water — Vivid Roots (@vividroots) September 24, 2015

7. Because 8 million animals enter shelters every year:

Adopt a homeless dog. #SaveThePlanetIn4Words — BCHumane (@BCHumane) September 24, 2015

8. Because we learn by seeking common ground:

Learn your neighbor’s language(s) #SaveThePlanetIn4Words — Fluent City (@fluentcity) September 24, 2015

9. Because it’s good advice to remember every day:

Listen. Love. Laugh. Forgive. #SaveThePlanetIn4Words — Nick Herra (@NickHerra) September 24, 2015

10. And because cats always make everything better:

#SaveThePlanetIn4Words Elect a feline president. — Feline Frequency (@catfreq) September 24, 2015

What about you? How would you save the planet in four words? Let us know in the comments below.

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