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A ceramic heart fixed by Kintsugi, the japanese art of fixing cracks with gold

Taking back your power… with the help of Animal Reiki

The Japanese have a tradition of fixing broken pottery by repairing the cracks with gold, called Kintsugi. This helps remind us to embrace our flaws and imperfections and see the difficulties we’ve survived in our journey as those things that make us beautiful. Today I want to remind those of you…
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Peace, Justice and Animal Reiki

Here in the USA and across the world, we are going through a painful time. It seems that more and more of the shadows of society are being dragged into the light so that we can confront them. It is time to change the cruel norms that have long been…
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Buffalo Blessings

I’m so glad you’re here, dear Ones. I know it’s tough right now in the world, and a very uncertain time for all of us. It’s easy to give into feelings of powerlessness and imagine that we are all alone. But this week, I’ve created a special video to help…
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Animal Reiki with Harley the Hog

In Honor of Harley the Hog, It’s Time to End Factory Farming

Today I take heavy thoughts, and embrace them in light and the possibility of a future filled with compassion and healing for animals…. Today I remember Harley, a beautiful hog who lived at BrightHaven and brought joy and light to my life, my daughter’s life, and the lives of so…
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