What is Animal Reiki?

Depending on the person you talk to, the answer to this question may vary quite a bit. In the Animal Reiki Source® lineage, our simplest answer is that Animal Reiki is holding space for animals through meditation, to support their self-healing. Kathleen Prasad focuses on a unique method of sharing Reiki with animals that she calls the Let Animals Lead® approach. This approach is composed of 6 Pillars of Practice:

  1. This method is founded upon traditional Japanese Reiki techniques and philosophy.
  2. Animal Reiki is mindfulness meditation practiced “with” our animals, rather than an energy therapy done “to” them.
  3. Animal Reiki meditation is taught as a state of mind with flexible physical forms.
  4. Touch is used only when animals seek it out, and then only as a compassionate support.
  5. Mental focus techniques develop an “All is Well” state of mind for the practitioner that sees the animal’s perfection in this moment. Kathleen calls this seeing with your “Animal Reiki eyes,” in other words, seeing more deeply, with your heart.
  6. This method acknowledges and honors each animal as a spiritual teacher and healer in his/her own right. Practitioners learn to listen to animals and become receptive to their spiritual wisdom and healing gifts.

This method also follows the Animal Reiki Practitioner Code of Ethics. Kathleen has developed this groundbreaking method over 20 years of practice and through the inspirational teachings in her books, classes and talks, it is now being practiced around the world. The Let Animals Lead® approach of Animal Reiki honors animals as not only our partners in the healing process, but also our teachers and guides in when, how and indeed if Reiki should be shared.

For Kathleen, Animal Reiki is a spiritual practice of compassion for all beings. In a nutshell, “doing” Reiki for animals simply means learning to meditate with your animals. The practices of Reiki help us navigate our life’s challenges with grace while we to learn to listen to and be present for others in a compassionate space. Compassion is the ultimate healer, and this is the powerful space Animal Reiki facilitates.

Kathleen shares, “For me personally, Reiki has healed my lifelong battle with anxiety, and also brought me peace, strength, and balance in my recent battle with breast cancer. Reiki has transformed the way I look at and relate to all beings on this planet, and my passion and mission in this life is to share Reiki with animals of all species, and to teach their people how to connect more deeply with them. I can tell you from my deepest heart, that Reiki has saved my life in more ways than one! Reiki offers simple techniques that anyone can do, that help us to open our hearts to the world around us, always from a grounded and centered place, each and every day. When we live our life in this way animals, who are so pure and sensitive, feel it, are drawn to us and want to share with us and support us. A beautiful, peaceful, compassionate space which embraces, connects and encompasses all beings, all species, all life, this is Reiki in action.”

Because the practices of Reiki are focused on helping us remember our inner wisdom of universal connection to all things, the more we practice, the deeper our healing can go. Because we are healing our inner essence and spirit, we often see ripples into the other layers of our being—spiritual healing through the dying process, or emotional, mental and physical healing throughout life’s journey. Kathleen calls this the “Animal Reiki ripple effect”—when we open our hearts to balance, clarity and harmony—in other words, the beauty of our world as it should be and our place in it—then healing, contentment, transformation and renewal with our animals will follow.

Kathleen has devoted the last twenty years of her life to the spiritual system of Reiki. A Reiki Master Teacher since 2002, she has studied Reiki in three lineages. She also honors thousands of animal teachers around the world who have shown her how to open and trust the healing journey of the spirit. At Animal Reiki Source®, Kathleen has developed a unique program that combines her deep knowledge and experience of Japanese Reiki traditional practices, with her Let Animals Lead® method of teachings, honoring the sensitivities, preferences and wisdom of our animal teachers. Due to the simplicity and profound effectiveness of these teachings, thousands of students from all over the world have incorporated these techniques into their lives with great healing success. We invite you to walk with us on this amazing journey of healing transformation for your heart, the hearts of the animals, and the heart of the planet.