Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Shelter Animal Reiki Association: SARA
Reiki to the Rescue!

It all began with a passion to help rescued animals

Kathleen Prasad has a passion for helping rescued animals, and she began volunteering Reiki in local shelters very early on after she learned Reiki. The wonderful responses and amazing healing she witnessed, especially from abused and traumatized animals, inspired her to devote her life to animal Reiki practice and teaching!

These days, her home base and “2nd family” is BrightHaven, a senior and special needs animal sanctuary and hospice in northern California. She has taught monthly Reiki classes there since 2004 and donates 50% of all class fees to them. For more information on BrightHaven’s Reiki program, click here.

Kathleen travels the world to shelters and sanctuaries in order to share, teach and fundraise

To spread the peace and light of animal Reiki around the world, Kathleen travels a few times a year to teach Reiki 3 at other sanctuaries and shelters, such as Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, the CARE Foundation in Florida, Animal Haven in New York, Chenoa Manor in Pennsylvania, Talking Horse Ranch in Arizona, The Devoted Barn in Michigan, Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary in England and Cat Protection Society in Australia. These classes are also a great way to financially support the animals, as Kathleen donates a portion of class profits to the hosting organization. If you’d like to host Kathleen at your animal nonprofit, send her an email.

Kathleen was inspired to help her students reach out in a professional way to volunteer Reiki for rescued animals as well as educate and support the staff of shelters and sanctuaries with Reiki: so she co-founded SARA.

Kathleen wanted to empower her students to be able to create a successful partnership of animal Reiki volunteering and teaching, such as she has created at BrightHaven. In order to do so, she co-founded The Shelter Animal Reiki Association (a 501(c)3 nonprofit) in 2008 with Leah D’Ambrosio. The mission of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) is to improve the lives of animals and their caregivers by promoting the use of Reiki in animal shelters, sanctuaries and rescues.

The SARA Way

SARA currently has over 400 members around the world. SARA supports its members with a variety of professional and educational materials as well as monthly meetings by teleconference. All members follow “The SARA Way,” a commitment to daily Reiki spiritual practice that incorporates compassion, humility and respect for animals. To protect the professionalism and integrity of the organization, in order to be invited to join SARA, students must study with Kathleen Prasad, Leah D’Ambrosio or any SARA Teacher. If you’d like to join SARA and be a part of a community with a passion for sharing Reiki with rescued animals, check out Kathleen’s upcoming classes page. Join the movement and become an Animal Reiki Ambassador for rescued animals today!

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