Free Audios

  • Healing Illness with Animals and Meditation – A special free audio course where Kathleen shares a special tiger meditation and techniques to transform the way we view illness by shifting our minds and hearts towards peace and compassion. In this way, we can help those around us.
  • Techniques Resonate With Animals.
  • The Benefits of Reiki for Animals – How and why animals benefit from Reiki healing energy and how Animal Reiki differs from Reiki treatments for people will be the focus on this “Holistic Around Hunterdon” radio show, hosted by Sue Ann Seccia-Harndon of Fifth Dimension Healing Energy.

  • What is Reiki? A Special Hour-Long Reiki Talk at Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary

  • “Reiki for Animals” – A 60 minute interview with Kathleen about Reiki for animals, on the Good Vibrations radio show on VoiceAmerica.
  • “Healing With the Animals” – Rhonda Hohmann of The Soul Knows radio show interviews Kathleen Prasad. Kathleen shares vital information about healing the animals in our lives as well as healing ourselves. Reiki is her specialtiy and calling. You’ll be amazed at her techniques and experiences. With Kathleen’s guidance you can create and allow healing into your life and the lives of your pets. 
  • “The 5 Reiki Precepts: How They Help Us Help Our Animals with Lynn McKenzie. A 30-minute talk on the 5 Precepts by Kathleen Prasad.
  • “The Real Dr. Doolittle” with Val Heart”: An hour-long interview with Kathleen about how animal Reiki and animal communication go hand in hand to facilitate healing connections.

More Animal Reiki Source Teleclasses