Animal Communication & Reiki

Animal Communication and Reiki

These days, many animal communicators have their training in the system of Reiki and find the two go hand-in-hand. So, you may ask: what is the difference between Animal Communication and the system of Reiki?

Animal Communication and the system of Reiki, for many people, intertwine and interconnect, and many say that Reiki enhances their communication work with animals and vice versa. Although complementary in many ways, the two techniques are not identical: they have different aims. It’s good to remember this if you decide to incorporate animal communication into your Reiki practice, or vice versa, so that you can have a stronger and more clear intention in your work with the animals.

With Animal Communication, the goal is to create a dialog between the communicator and the animal: to listen to what the animal has to say as well as sharing information with the animal. Communicators also often provide feedback, if possible, to the animal’s human companion about issues that may be going on. In other words, communication is about connecting with what is going on and then interpreting that information verbally. Animal communicators advocate for the animal, as well as giving support to the human companions by clarifying issues that are confusing or unknown (for example surrounding unknown behavior problems, the dying process, or lost animals).

With the system of Reiki, the practitioner’s goal is to become as clear and empty as possible so that the energy (Reiki) can flow strongly for the highest good of the animal. You do not need to know what the animal’s problem is, Reiki will always go to the source of health issues, bringing balance and healing on all levels. You may or may not receive intuitive information as a result of the deep energetic connection created during the treatment: such information, when received, is merely a by-product of the Reiki experience, but is not the goal or purpose of the treatment. The goal and purpose is to be a vessel through which the energy can flow– to let go and allow Reiki to do its work, without expectation or attachment to outcome.

For many people, the deeper they go into the Reiki space, the clearer and easier it is for their intuitive information to flow. For others, the energetic connection of the Reiki treatment may not bring many intuitive messages. Either way, this is not an indicator of whether or not the Reiki treatment was successful. Indicators such as relaxation and stress-relief behaviors from the animal as well as the practitioner’s own feelings of the flow of energy will indicate a successful Reiki treatment.

Photo © Lexie Cataldo