When we are peaceful within ourselves, we can support our animals and our community better.

Join thousands of animal lovers around the world who have already been transformed by the life-affirming teachings of the Let Animals Lead® method. By tapping into the qualities of your best self, you’ll be inviting a strengthening of the same in your animals.

Remember, through love, listening and letting animals lead, anything is possible. What makes us so special? You won’t just learn how to do Reiki to animals, you’ll receive authentic, real-life strategies to live a kinder, more peaceful life with your animals, even in difficult times.

Our planet desperately needs humans with a more compassionate perspective toward animals and nature; the world needs you! Whether your goal is help animals through meditation or to be an Animal Reiki practitioner or teacher, training with us will give you the tools you need to be the change you want to see in the world, for animals!

Want to see the Let Animals Lead® method in action?

Check out this amazing “before” and “after” video taken at the Devoted Barn sanctuary in Michigan.

Even the most stressed-out animals respond to this groundbreaking system.

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