• Reiki III & Animal Reiki Teacher Training

    Reiki 3 and Animal Reiki Teacher Training

    Feb. 22-24, 2018

    at the CARE Foundation

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  • Heart to Heart Animal Reiki

    Heart to Heart Animal Reiki

    Transform your life with animals through this 6-lesson online course!

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  • Heart To Heart with Horses

    Heart To Heart with Horses

    The Equine Lover’s Guide to Reiki

    Unlock the healing power of your heart with the definitive guide to Reiki for horses!

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  • The Animal Healing Meditations

    Animal Healing Meditations

    Guided meditations to help you tune in, connect and heal with animals!

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We Can Help Animals Heal Through Meditation

Join thousands of animal lovers around the world who have already discovered the healing power of Reiki meditation. We offer the world’s first and best professional and extensive curriculum in animal Reiki. What makes us so special? You won’t just learn how to do Reiki to animals, you’ll learn how to be Reiki with them, for an unsurpassed experience in heart to heart healing on all levels.

Want to See Animal Reiki in Action?

Check out this amazing “before” and “after” Reiki video taken at the Devoted Barn sanctuary in Michigan.

Reiki can bring peace to even the most stressed-out animals!

  • Learn from the best and be a healing force in the world

    Learn from the best and be a healing force in the world

    Train with Kathleen Prasad, the world leader in the field of animal Reiki.

    Reiki meditation can help you be the healing change you want to see in the world, for animals.


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