Kathleen Prasad sharing animal reiki with a cow

Kathleen Prasad

is the premier energy healing teacher for spiritually-minded animal advocates.

Reiki is a Japanese spiritual practice that promotes relaxation, compassion and healing. The Let Animals Lead® method is not just a unique, animal-guided approach to Reiki for animals, it’s also a gentle path to help humans live with more balance, peace and happiness with animals in the world.

Kathleen’s books The Let Animals Lead® Method of Animal Reiki Meditation Journal, The Let Animals Lead® 21-Day Meditation Challenge, Healing Virtues, Reiki for Dogs and Heart to Heart with Horses are empowering, innovative and deeply healing guides to creating soul-aligning relationships with animals.

Here at Animal Reiki Source, you’ve come to the world’s leading resource of all things Animal Reiki: information, training, certification classes, in-person and distant treatments, an inspiring blog, a library of Reiki books, a listing of world-class teachers, and a global directory of Reiki practitioners. 

Kathleen teaches animal lovers how to create peace and wellbeing through her energy healing courses. There’s no greater healing power than our mindful, compassionate presence.

We look forward to supporting you in your healing journey with the animals you love! 

See all Kathleen’s books HERE.

animal reiki source founder kathleen prasad feeding her dog

Create Peaceful, Healing Energy for Animals Now

kathleen prasad sharing reiki with horses
Kathleen Prasad cuddling with a cat
Kathleen Prasad with a snake around her neck

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bahlshoy the tiger

My Tiger Teacher

Today I want to take time to remember a very special animal in my journey: Bahl Shoy the tiger. Although he passed away a few years ago, I still count Bahl Shoy as one of my best and most favorite Animal Reiki teachers. I first met Bahl Shoy, who lived at the CARE Foundation in … My Tiger Teacher Read More »
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kathleen prasad and amanda ree founder of sama dog wellness

Self-Care to Stay Balanced

So happy to be with you today, animal lovers! I’m super excited about this month’s Animal Reiki Talk because I had a special guest, my sweet friend, canine Ayurvedic and natural health expert Amanda Ree! October’s Animal Reiki Talk topic is: Staying balanced for our animals in a season of giving Amanda and I discussed … Self-Care to Stay Balanced Read More »
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kathleen prasad and amanda ree of sama dog

A Beautiful Course for Your Dog’s Health

Today I want to let you know about a special course created and hosted by my friend and founder of Sama Dog, Amanda Ree. Amanda and I are true kindred spirits! We share a passion for helping animals and a deep commitment to the power of natural healing. Amanda is a gifted teacher and sensitive … A Beautiful Course for Your Dog’s Health Read More »
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Introducing the 2020 Animal Wisdom World Summit!

For 2 WHOLE DAYS, October 12-13, Dr. Cara Gubbins of the Animal Wisdom Circle will be bringing you interviews with 12 inspiring experts (including me!) who have tons of valuable advice to share with you all about Animal Wisdom. I’ll be talking about Letting the Animals Lead. Other experts will be talking all about the … Introducing the 2020 Animal Wisdom World Summit! Read More »
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kathleen and a cow named honey

Affirmations for Animal Reiki Practitioners

So glad you’re here with me today! In these uncertain times, I’m so grateful for my Animal Reiki practice, and the grounding it brings me every single day. This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Reiki precepts, and how they support my work with animals. I’ve created some special affirmations based on the … Affirmations for Animal Reiki Practitioners Read More »
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two dolphins jumping out of the ocean in front of an orange sunset

5 Animal Reiki Steps to Finding the Light in Darkness

“Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.”  ~ Helen Keller Hello Animal Reiki friends, thanks for being here with me today. These are tough times, and it seems that each day brings with it more challenges, doesn’t it? I want to … 5 Animal Reiki Steps to Finding the Light in Darkness Read More…
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