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What happens when a horse with laminitis gets Reiki?

Scoobie is a small black horse residing at Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary in Essex, England. Diagnosed with chronic laminitis, a deadly disease that causes lameness in horses, Scoobie lives with some pony friends in a special barn with soft flooring to help comfort their sore feet.

Recently I brought a group of Reiki practitioners to share Reiki with Scoobie and the others in the laminitic barn. I gave each student a meditation to do, focusing inward on the breath. I explained to stay 10 feet or more away from the horses, allowing them to choose to come forward if they wished. Scoobie was standing quietly in one corner of the barn, shifting on his feet a bit uncomfortably. Clearly he was not feeling well that morning. He was completely ignoring his food and standing with his back toward the other horses.