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Secrets to a joyful life—as taught by animals

It’s not easy to quiet our burdened minds. Life gets chaotic, we run out of time, seemingly insurmountable challenges continue to block our path. Sometimes negative emotions govern us—we feel off-balance and give in to anger or worry or fear.

These are the times we need our animals the most. Spending time with them can help to bring us back to that place of true happiness—of compassion, of harmony, of peace. Walking through life with our animals by our sides is truly the happiest place to be!

12 healthy habits from animals you need to emulate

As caregivers for our animals, we work hard to keep them healthy—with vet visits, healthy food, regular brushings and the like. But sometimes we forget that they, too, can show us important ways to stay healthy and happy every day. Here are 12 animal habits you need to emulate:

1. Exercise each day. Animals are masters at sitting around and chilling (see #2), but they also find joy in keeping their heart rates up. Hamsters run in their wheels, cats tear through the house like buffalos, and dogs bring their leash to you in their mouth. They remind us that exercise isn’t just healthy, but it can be fun, too.

How positive affirmations can transform your life

Affirmations are a great way to keep your energy high. Any time you have a negative thought, just turn it around and say the opposite. At first, it may feel like you’re making it up, but your mind is very suggestible; it believes whatever you tell it with your inner voice.

Unfortunately, most of us go around our whole lives saying all kinds of negative things to ourselves. We tell ourselves, “You can’t do that. You can’t do this.”  Perhaps it is something we carry from our childhood or the way our culture influences us. Our inner mind believes what we teach it. Our inner self believes what we practice. That’s why it’s so important to choose what to teach our minds and practice in our thoughts! When we start to think the opposite (something positive) it feels a bit weird and strange at first, and it feels like we’re making it up. Things can’t possibly be positive, can they? Nothing that good can ever happen to me! But guess what? Over time, you’ll notice that you’re feeling better. Over time and with practice, when you say an affirmation, it will start to feel true. “I can do this. I feel good. I feel happy.” You will begin to recognize that simple positive words have shifted the energy has within you.

It’s as easy as saying an affirmation as soon as you catch yourself with a negative thought; this simple practice can help you to be in a more positive space. Animals really sense it, too, and this is key. Even if you’re not doing Reiki or mindfulness meditation, if you’re actively doing affirmations, you’re going to see a shift in the way animals feel about you. More animals will come to you. More animals will be drawn to your good energy.

I can do this. I feel good. I feel happy.

In my life, I have seen that affirmations really open doors. When I am stuck, I just start with affirmations, and it may take some time but change will come. First, I try to visualize and see in my mind what the affirmations are saying to me; as soon as I can visualize and see a potential for something, then I can go deeper with it and start to feel it emotionally. Then it becomes easier to make it happen!

We know that everything that’s ever happened physically in this world has always started in somebody’s mind and in somebody’s thought process. Nobody ever accomplished anything good and amazing without first seeing it in the mind. So affirmations are a way to train our minds to that potential of goodness, of happiness, of joy and of all good things coming to us. When our minds begin to see the good, then we open the doors to helping positivity manifest in the physical world. And even better, lots of animals will want to be around us to watch it all unfold!

What are your favorite affirmations?

Adapted from How to Help Animals With Reiki by Kathleen Prasad